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Friday October 28 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
In Letter Form
  with special guest vocalists:
Dean Tomihira-Tomihira
Davey Bones-Ink Bats
Don Bellinger-Tremor Low
Scott-Thrill of the Pull
Stephan Silat-Thrill of the Pull
Gabe-The Trims
Adam Butler-Clamhawk Manor
 Post Punk  
Night Nail
 Dark Romantic Post Punk
Roadside Memorial
 Punk, Darkwave, Gothic
DJ Adrienne Scissorhands

In Letter Form
  with special guest vocalist
  ----In Letter Form was off the bill due to death of singer but they'll play with a guest vocalist

Peter Dosanjh: Bass
James Levis: Guitar
Andres Lopez: Drums, Percussion
-from San Francisco, CA

-Drawing influence from the works of The (early) Cure, Joy Division, Bauhaus, New Order, Echo and the Bunnymen, Interpol et al, they produce a sound that echoes the past, haunts the present and is constantly in the future.

Reflecting on past deeds; some well intentioned while others, not. The ways we had been wronged or the choice to see it that way because sometimes that's easier than the truth.

The prose and cons of having thin skin to protect a thick heart, put "in letter form" perhaps? A love letter? An anti love letter? Hate mail? A photograph? A song? An exclamation of the joy of life? A suicide note?

All of the above; In Letter Form.

“There are "live bands" and "studio bands", and then there are the rare hybrids - those bands who are just as good live as they are on their recordings. In Letter Form have secured their place in this third group..." - The Late Show

Night Nail
Brandon Robert, James Hendrix, Bryan Panzeri, Justin Phi, Michael Carpenter
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Night Nail, is a dark wave, goth, post-punk band from Los Angeles, CA.

Roadside Memorial
Daniel Knop Casey Castille James "Kimba" Anderson Eric Haas
-from San Francisco, CA

-Night Nail, is a dark wave, goth, post-punk band from Los Angeles, CA. -TAKING THEIR CUES from bands like Echo & The Bunnymen, The Damned and Japan, Roadside Memorial offer New Dark Romance built on the bones of all three British Invasions. Alternately cinematic-moody and unwittingly upbeat, the resulting sound speaks to love, loss and revenge in synth-inflected, guitar-driven, sixteenth-beat, post-punk style.

DJ Adrienne Scissorhands