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Sunday November 6  2016
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
 dreampop lo-fi noise rock shoegaze
Golden Drugs
 pop folk psychedelic
 alternative rock/shoegaze
New Circle
  members of Happy Diving

jared // michael // john
-from San Francisco, CA

-dreampop trio with a billowy lo-fi pop jangle sound

Golden Drugs
Drew Pearson: Vocals, Guitar
Chris Natividad: Drums
Tyler Bell: Bass, Vocals
-from Oakland, CA

-"surreal and mysterious..." -VICE

"…because Golden Drugs are very obviously exploring the strange, with songs that don't so much change as cycle every two minutes or so and proggy guitar fingerings that probably tab out to look like DNA helixes. Its hard to slice this into songs because Midnight Sun is really a single piece cracked into song-shapes, each of which cracks into smaller more-detailed song-shapes and so on until reality and humanity both are documented at the molecular level. Its exhausting just for being so imaginative…" - LA RECORD

Henry, Matt, Michael, Nick
-from San Francisco / Oakland

-Pastel is an 4-piece alternative rock/shoegaze inspired outfit from San Francisco.

New Circle
  members of Happy Diving
Mikey, Daniel, Todd, Collin
-From Oakland CA

-Dream pop/post-punk 4 piece from the suburbs of the East Bay