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Friday December 9 2016
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
Renegade Family presents...
Music of
The Doors played by:
The Missing Pieces
 heart & soul - rock & roll
 Rock, Folk, Country, Pop

The Missing Pieces
Mark Joseph - Nate Harris - Dave Hagan - Billy Riordan - John Pringle
-from San Francisco, CA

-The Missing Pieces is a San Francisco rock n roll band composed of players with a diverse appreciation of music, and years of experience experimenting with different approaches to sound.

Over the years while playing and writing with other bands, Mark Joseph penned a collection of more personal songs that ultimately grew into a repertoire worthy of its own group. Old songs are now joined with new ones to support bigger themes and ideas.

The band was created as a home for these songs and visions, and as a vehicle to further experiment with songwriting, sound, recording, presentation and performance.

"Musically, at its heart these are brick and mortar rock songs that have their foundation in garage and classic rock. Raw, live and plenty of attitude."

Tracey Holland, Chris Tye
Fritz Mueller, Dan Miller-Schroeder,  TJ Mimbs
-from San Francisco, CA

-SF’s Vandella is a lovechild of rock & roll, roots & soul, helmed by two enigmatic frontpeople and distinct songwriters. A modern-day Buckingham-Nicks, vocalist Tracey Holland and guitarist Chris Tye mix up a potent potion of sexy, sweaty 70s-era rock & roll. A package of Rolling Stones rock-meets-Alabama Shakes soul, the two met while both studying music in LA and spent the subsequent years traveling up and down the West Coast, honing their individual signatures and tying them together to form Vandella. Garnering comparisons to Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, Holland is a powerhouse of a frontwoman, whose vocal prowess is matched only by her insistent command of the stage. As writers, Holland is at times intense and bewitching; tempered by the understated, perennially-cool air of her counterpart in Tye. The result is a sound that feels both exciting yet effortlessly vibey – evocative of that hazy sheen of their native California.

Vandella’s 2009 debut EP, V, saw the band move 2,000 copies independently, and in May 2012, with several West Coast tours completed, they released the full-length Fire in the Desert. For their 2014 follow-up, the band teamed up with SF producer Scott McDowell at his Hyde Street Studio C and released a 12-inch, 4-song EP titled Shine You Up. Shine You Up captured the basement-party, Exile On Main Street-esque style that the band has come to be known for in live shows, and established Vandella as a fixture on SF’s indie-rock/soul scene. Vandella’s newest EP, Strange Calls, was released on April 28th, 2016, with the first single, A Feeling I’d Forgotten, premiered on the Huffington Post. They will be closing out 2016 with a summer tour and celebrating the single release of their forthcoming single, Couldn’t Quit It.

Vocals, Guitar / Adam Dragland
Bass, Vocals / Michael Carney
Drums / John Hollis
-from New York/San Francisco

-Dragland is the singer/songwriter project of long time New York and San Francisco guitarist Adam Dragland (Gold Minor, Seven Stories Falling, Kat Robichaud, First Church of the Sacred Silversexual, Team Candy).  The group of songs the SF band performs has been many years in the making, but was ignited through new music written during the most recent eventful years in Dragland's life.  In this band, he steps away from his traditional role as a lead guitarist and explores the roots of his musical upbringing.  Joined as always by longtime songwriting partner and Gold Minor vocalist Michael Carney on bass, Dragland vents decades of pent up emotional energy through both his trusty old telecaster and raspy, weathered vocal chords. There are strong rock, folk and country elements in the mix, but the end result is refreshing accessible pop music that invites your body to dance. The immense talents of veteran drummer John Hollis give this band the wings to create music that is immersed with genuine soul and sexy rock-n-roll..  The first single will be released late in 2016, and 2017 will see the release of Dragland's first full length record.