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Thursday January 19 2017
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$20 in advance / $25 at the door (sliding scale)
A benefit for Annie Southworth, featuring...
The Dodos
 Indie rock
  psychedelic rock
Sarah Bethe
  singer-songwriter / doo-wop
DJ Sasquatch Borracho

The Dodos
Meric Long, Logan Kroeber
-from San Francisco, CA

-Though it took more than a year The Dodos to follow up their previous album, Carrier, the band began recording Individ just after the sessions for the earlier album finished up. For multi-instrumentalist Meric Long and drummer Logan Kroeber, there’s no formula for how songs will come together. But when the songs emerge from the process, it’s obvious what they have. “Bubble” evokes the innocence of the early Beach Boys in its vocal, while its music expands with modern sophistication. “Retriever” bounces its beats off the reverb for a seductive tribal sound. “Bastard” centers on the San Francisco duo’s underrated harmonies.

Mike Shoun, Mike Donovan, Bo Moore, Shayde Sartin
-from San Francisco, CA

-Peacers is the project of former Sic Alps frontman Mike Donovan, and their self-titled record was made alongside his San Francisco cohort Ty Segall. Wobbly and disjointed, Donovan's songs plot out a course toward a grimmer, grimier, and freakier world, keeping the candle lit for the city's storied '60s subculture.

Sarah Bethe
Sarah Bethe
-from San Francisco, CA

-Sarah Bethe Nelson is the constant observer. Having spent the better part of her adult life tending bar at San Francisco’s most well-loved watering holes, she has witnessed thousands of late nights  ghts, early morning rants, blackouts, make-outs, and make-ups. Yet she seems to have an eye cast askance at the streetlights outside. For it’s not the drama unfolding inside the bar that keeps her rapt; it’s the possibility that one night a light will appear outside, a glowing orb with all the answers that she can levitate into, that will rescue her from love-worn ennui, from the violence of misspent youth. What stands out about the songs on her Burger Records debut Fast-Moving Clouds is this sense of waiting, waiting, hoping.
Ms. Nelson doesn’t exude the brassy con dence of a chanteuse; nor does she wear the mask of false naivete favored by some of her “indy” musical contemporaries. Rather, Nelson and her plaintive, unforced voice seem to hang in the balance, and the source of her songs seems a mix of genuine heartbreak and stark resolve. Her music is re ected in that not-extreme dichotomy; in it there is warmth and beauty, as well as a genuine mean streak, softened barely by her well-crafted melodies.
As a long-time member of San Francisco’s close-knit rock and roll community, Nelson has obviously inherited her peers’ sense of pensive melody. Most striking, though, is the seeming simplicity of the songs; the two-word chorus of ”Impossible Love”, repeated over and over, not to bore the listener, but to key us in to her sense of educated hopelessness, a “been-there, done- that” kind of boredom, followed by a gorgeous, unexpected chord-change turnaround, which paints a wholly different picture of elevation and release. The songs are simple, but they throw these great surprises at us. Recorded at the home studio of song wizard Kelley Stoltz there is a sense of sonic adventure creeping throughout the record. With a crack engineer and a who’s who of great musicians giving life to Ms. Nelson’s weary yet inspired observations Fast-Moving Clouds is a beautiful, mysterious journey to heartbreak and back. - Tim Cohen.

DJ Sasquatch Borracho
 DJ Dave Pehling