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Sunday February 12 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$15 in advance / $17 at the door
 ska punk
Mustard Plug
 Rock and roll, punk, glam, garage rock
Aloha Screwdriver
  High-octane surf rock 

Major Jimmy Boom (drums), Commander Angel Nova (guitar/vocals), Leftenent AR7 (guitar/vocals), Lunar Captain Ripley-Clipse (synth/keys), Chief Engineer Atom Bomb (bass)
-from Oakland, CA

-The Phenomenauts have arrived to challenge the power of gravity: the mysterious, but not unknowable force that keeps the planets in their orbits, the galaxy spinning slowly through space and starry eyed dancers whirling around the floor with their brains bursting with notions of science and honor. On Escape Velocity, the band’s latest opus, they break the chains that keep bodies and imaginations earthbound and take off on a boundless journey fueled by their unstoppable rhythms, inventive melodies and nimble lyrics. “Escape velocity” is the speed needed to break free from the gravitational attraction of a massive body, such as the Earth. The band felt it was a fitting title for an album that encourages people to break free of their own limitations.

After a year and a half of exploring the frontiers where the music of the past, present and future merge, The Phenomenauts returned to their headquarters in Oakland CA with 12 new transmissions, songs guaranteed to get everything moving in all directions at the same time. The band worked closely with engineer/producer Denny Muller at The Static Room to make the album. “We had no time limit,” says co-producer Lt. AR7, one of the band’s guitarists and vocalists. “We slowly and carefully recorded each song to make an album that’s finely focused and musically and lyrically adventurous. In the process, The band jettisoned the stand-up bass in favor of the Stand-down™, a Phenomenaut designed, highly stylized electric sci-fi bass that adds its interplanetary textures to the new songs.”

Mustard Plug
Dave Kirchgessner - vocals
Colin Clive - guitar/vocals
Rick Johnson - bass
Nate Cohn - drums
Jim Hofer - trombone
Brandon Jenison - trumpet
-from Grand Rapids, MI

-Mustard Plug started out in the punk clubs, basements and dive bars of the Midwest, playing punk-influenced ska music before most people in the U.S. had ever heard of ska. They clung to a DIY work ethic that had been ingrained in them growing up in the 1980′s hardcore punk scene and applied it to everything they would ever do together as a band. Mustard Plug released their first cassette tape themselves (1992′s Skapocalypse Now!), and played constantly to earn enough money to record their first album – 1994′s Big Daddy Mulititude. Their debut full length was released on legendary NYC label Moon Records (home of Toasters, Hepcat, Dance Hall Crashers, and pretty much every other 90′s ska band of note). With their new found national distribution and exposure, the band climbed into their van and performed their music to new fans across North America. Twenty-one years, 1500 shows and 200,000 album sales later, it cannot be denied that the band has surpassed all expectations and permanently staked their claim in contemporary music.

For their new album, “Can’t Contain It”, Mustard Plug have returned to the DIY blueprint that the band was built upon, while at the same time embracing all the school of hard knocks craftsmanship and wisdom that the band has earned along the way. The band spent the last several years writing new material that was informed by 22 years of songwriting experience while retaining the youthful energy that has endeared them to their fans. They tracked the record at bassist Rick Johnson’s Cold War Studios, giving them the flexibility to experiment and add new layers and dimensions that were not possible given the time constraints on their previous recordings. Many of their musician friends(Dan Potthast, Sean Bonnett, Mark Petz, Corey Ruffin) were tapped to contribute, creating a denser, more intricate sound.

Once the recording process for Can’t Contain It was complete, the band turned to their fans to help finance the mixing and production of their record. Their Kickstarter campaign surpassed all their expectations, doubling their initial goal and re-confirming the support and love of their audience. The tracks were then sent to be mixed at Bill Stevenson’s Blasting Room Studios where Mustard Plug had recorded 3 of their previous albums (including 1997’s breakthrough “Evildoers Beware” and 2007’s “In Black and White”). The result is possibly their most diverse and best record to date.

Aloha Screwdriver
Donald Bell (Guitar), Grant Shellen (Bass), Steve Slater (Drums)
-from Alameda, CA

-Aloha Screwdriver delivers a high-octane mix of surf and twang. The Alameda, CA-based instrumental group formed in 2009 by three longtime friends.