Cadet Edac: Drums/Vox/Guitar

White Trash Ninja: Guitar/Vox/Drums
San Francisco, CA!/bottomofthehill


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Thursday February 16 2017
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
 alternative electronic newwave punk indie rock
Big Jesus
Friends W/O Benefits

Dave Laney, Al Burian, Lena Kilkka, Ezra Cale
-from  Chapel Hill, NC/Germany

-Formed 1997 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina by Al Burian, Dave Laney and Ben Davis, Milemarker quickly gained recognition in the independent music scene for their explosive live shows and adventurous instrumentation. The band became known for its combination of post-hardcore punk with new wave electronics, and found a solid touring line-up 1999-2004 in Burian, Laney and singer/synth player Roby Newton. Milemarker played circa 1000 shows in support of their releases Frigid Forms Sell (Lovitt, 2000) and Anaesthetic (Jade Tree, 2001), touring extensively in North America, Europe and Japan, along the way sharing the stage with bands such as Wire, Mission of Burma, At The Drive-In, The Hives, Thursday, Blood Brothers, International Noise Conspiracy, High On Fire, The Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Muff Potter, Cave In, Les Savy Fav, Spoon, Monochrome, Turbostaat, The Faint, The Locust, and Hot Snakes. The band continued to play with shifting line-ups between 2005-2008, completing a US and European tour with founding member Ben Davis, and performing at the SXSW and Fusion festivals.

In 2009, guitarist Dave Laney moved to Hamburg and focused his musical energy into the band Auxes, while bassist Al Burian moved to Berlin to pursue literary and journalistic interests. A re-ignition of the band in Germany seemed inevitable. Milemarker returned to the stage and studio in 2015, with Lena Kilkka on keys/vocals and Ezra Cale on drums.

Big Jesus
C.J. Ridings - Thomas Gonzalez - Spencer Ussery - Joe Sweat
-from Atlanta, Ga

-Below each trudging riff and well beyond the dense ashes of the low-end, a grinding melody appears -- the core essence of Big Jesus. Fascinating things can happen when a hard alternative rock band explores its dreamy side. The result is BIG JESUS’ ‘Oneiric’ (pronounced ō-ˈnī-rik), which means “relating to dreams or dreaming.” BIG JESUS contrasts loud and heavy fuzz-laden tones with soft, pop-melodic vocals to create their own unique brand of music. The result is ethereal rock n’ roll that’s multi-faceted and powerful: Loud and soft; bludgeoning and dreamy; progressive and classic…all at the same time.

Friends W/O Benefits
Cadet Edac: Drums/Vox/Guitar
White Trash Ninja: Guitar/Vox/Drums
-from San Francisco, CA

-Two fictional characters pissed off at the lack of real entertainment surrounding them decided to put their differences aside and team up to make passionate, catchy music with something to say. Starting with the 2014 release ‘This Is Real’ Cadet and Ninja never had problems saying what they mean. With pointed lyrics in songs ‘Real Enough for California’ and ‘Modern Youth of America’ Friends W/O Benefits tested the waters with how honest they could be. Following with a collection of singles in 2015 collectively called “The Real Singles Life” the duo kept their edge lyrically in songs ‘F’n Sharks’ and ‘Positive Mental Attitude’ while figuring out just how aggressive they could be and remain approachable.

What Cadet and Ninja found is their newest effort ‘Fictional Characters / Real Entertainment’. Set to be released inauguration day January 20th 2017 (a date specifically chosen while writing the new record) the lead single “Armchair Politician / Internet Activist” is the easily approachable glimpse into what the new record has to offer. Still catchy, still biting and straightforward as ever, it doesn’t take long to get into just how hard hitting the record is.

In a time where art is needed more than ever to make a statement and motivate people towards taking charge and making change, Friends W/O Benefits is ready to lead the way. They aren’t the band this world wants, they are the band this world needs.