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Friday February 17 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$15 in advance / $17 at the door
Turbojugend SF presents...
40th anniversary of The Dead Boys' "Young, Loud, and Snotty" Tour:

Cheetah Chrome
 Punk rock, Garage rock
Flexx Bronco
 Rock n Roll/Punk
The Shocker
featuring Jennifer Finch from L7
Punk Rock
The Pathogens
 punk garage rock
.         ----Glam Skanks are off the bill
DJ ----DJ Jello Biafra is off the bill

Cheetah Chrome
Cheetah Chrome - Guitar, Vocals
Jason "Ginchy" Kottwitz - Guitar
Chris Alaniz - Drums
Enzo Pennizzotto - Bass
-from Cleveland, OH/Nashville, TN

-Iconic punk guitarist Cheetah Chrome (born Gene O’Connor) spent many years as a rather wild cat, crowned by a shock of red hair and known for his street smarts, musical talents, and taste for indulgence. In the mid-70s in his hometown of Cleveland, Ohio, Chrome helped architect the sound of punk with the seminal rock band Rocket From the Tombs (along with David Thomas and Peter Laughner, who would later form Pere Ubu) before harnessing the band’s aggression into a new project with Rocket drummer Johnny Blitz and frontman Stiv Bators. Eventually, the group—now a five piece dubbed the Dead Boys—relocated to New York. As they became a fixture on the CBGB stage (club owner Hilly Kristal even became their manager) it became apparent that no one could touch the Cleveland transplants when it came to antisocial tendencies, nihilism, or ferocity. The Dead Boys’ scathing rock ‘n’ roll—heavily influenced by groups like Alice Cooper, the MC5, and the New York Dolls—turned the notion that punks couldn’t actually play their instruments on its head, and the members’ debauchery, both onstage and off, became legendary in its own right. After the Dead Boys parted ways, Chrome stayed in New York, playing with a number of bands, doing session work for artists including Ronnie Spector and Nico, and sinking deep into addiction, to the point where he actually died and was resuscitated by medics after an overdose. It wasn’t until Kristal and Young, Loud, and Snotty producer Genya Ravan staged an intervention in the 1990s that Cheetah really hit the road to recovery. He eventually kicked his bad habits for good and started a family in Nashville, taking on occasional music projects, including a Rocket From the Tombs reunion, and playing alongside Sylvain Sylvain in Batusis.

Flexx Bronco
Phil Bronco - Guitar, Eroc - Guitar
Guy Thunderbird - Bass/Vocals, Thor Bigsby - Drums
-from San Francisco, CA

-From San Francisco, California. Flexx Bronco is the real deal, everything they do is derived from within. Their writing style, based on collective experiences, influences and lifestyle, exposes many truths found while touring and living it over the past half decade. Flexx Bronco is not just a “Rock N' Roll” band. While that is at the heart of what they do, more aptly they embody the essence of it.

“A venomous potion somewhere in between, boogie, punk and hard rock, with hard riffing, bold punk attitude and bourbon raining over every tune." (WWW.AUDIODROME.IT)

Flexx Bronco's influences draw from just about every genre. Flexx Bronco spans a variety of styles, ranging from country to rock, blues to pop and alternative. The four members of Flexx Bronco are; Filthy, Eroc, Guy Thunderbird and Thor Bigsby. Their songs epitomize explosive, eccentric Rock and Roll decadence. Flexx Bronco takes the listener through the ages with drunken country sing alongs, heavy garage blues, with a single down- beat, jetting them off on a lightning fast full- throttle punk and roll onslaught.

The Shocker
Jennifer Finch, Adam Fuller
Lisa Howe, Ronnie James, Scott Quist
-from Los Angeles, CA

-The Shocker is an American punk rock band, featuring former L7 bassist Jennifer Finch performing vocals. The band also includes lead and rhythm guitarists, drums, and bass. Finch stated that when she formed the band, the first members were temporary, which led to a revolving line-up. The band takes its name from the hand gesture the shocker, a sexual innuendo.

Around 2002, The Shocker sold their debut EP, Up Your Asstray. The EP contained seven songs. Finch said that they wanted to show more of their "darker side"; some of the songs were considered more pop than rock. They re-released the EP as a full-length album under the same name (adding "The Full Length" to the title), with songs apropos of a hard rock band added.

The Pathogens

Cinder Block, Markley Hart,
Sebastian Stuart,, Noah Weber,
Jovino Bunny, Jesse Luscious,
-from Oakland,  CA

-A punk band from Oakland, CA featuring members of Tilt, The Criminals, Fracas
The Grups, Blatz, The Undead Boys, and The Twots!