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Tuesday February 21 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
5-year Anniversary show of...
Terry Malts
performing Killing Time
 diy indie noise pop punk
Tony Molina
 diy pop power punk
Yogurt Brain
 lo-fi punk

Terry Malts
Hammy (Guitar)
Nacie (Drums)
Phil (Bass)
-from San Francisco, CA/Los Angeles, CA

-Ever since Slumberland Records lost a bet and released 2012’s Killing Time, it seems that the bored drudges of this outhouse Earth have done nothing but follow that album title’s orders, a.k.a. harass me. (Lord knows the everyday “fan” of these “guys” has nothing better to do). Visitors, calls, letters. Terry Malts will be celebrating the 5 year anniversary of their seminal LP "Killing Time".

"If you’re going to join the already well-populated garage rock scene of San Francisco, you have to make some seriously memorable noise to stand out, and Terry Malts certainly does that. Killing Time takes the familiar trends found in present lo-fi acts and adds a dose of melodic pop, sending listeners into an high energy spiral of attitude and urgency. The fuzzy aesthetic we’ve come to expect from similar noise-making counterparts is there, but Killing Time brandishes an entertaining personality that breathes fresh life into a tried and true trend.

Killing Time is presented hastily, with a majority of the tracks spanning no more than three minutes before catapulting listeners into the next unruly burst of guitar and drums. But in their reckless simplicity the trio displays a nonchalant persona that takes timeless life woes and turns them into catchy but curt anthems. Take for instance the brisk declaration of atheism found on “Not A Christian”. While they might find that “church is simply too boring”, the plodding appearance of agile drums and shrill feedback comprise a track that is anything but.

Lead vocalist Phil Benson displays a defiant sneer, particularly while taking biting jabs at an ex lover on “Nauseous”. His use of repetition (“your love makes me nauseous”) is prominently featured despite the occasional overwhelming moment of scuzzy backing guitar. Even when the stabs are against him during moments of self-loathing on “I’m No Good”, the rowdy fun is still hard to resist." -  consequence of sound.

They have recently released their latest LP, "Lost At The Party", in December 2016, also on Slumberland Records

Tony Molina
-from the Bay Area, CA
-In the interest of brevity, Tony Molina speaks a plain truth rarely considered by modern musicians. He's not going to waste your time pontificating on sentimentality when he knows the very sentiments that power his music will stay with you long after the songs end. The West Bay guitarist's background in hardcore, metal, and punk lends itself to this concept -- imagine if Crossed Out or No Le$$ were on some Lennon-McCartney or George Harrison or early Bee Gees shit, inventing a mode of sincere, world-beating pop expression and concentrating it into a span of seconds. That's what's happening here -- a resourcefulness that is typically at odds with the kind of guitar mastery you'll hear within. The  eight offerings on "Confront the Truth" notch a significant advancement in his style and approach. Almost completely absent from these new songs are the overloaded guitar crunch of "Dissed and Dismissed," or his earlier work with Ovens; it's replaced by gentle acoustic balladry, tasteful Mellotron and piano backing, the kind of musicianship that often takes a lifetime to master. The sadness of this music has precedents in pop's past; Tony's revelatory turn into specific traditions of pop music speak directly to the reasons why we love music in general, and what keeps our finest players driven to create. The repertoire from which he draws may be narrow, but in these songs, you hear exactly what Tony found in those influences that shaped his experience; years upon years of focus and isolation in developing his guitar skills to speak to these truths. The main difference here is that where Tony's previous works felt casual and easy to digest, here we feel the full weight of his emotional needs pressed against the gentlest and most careful music of his career. 

Yogurt Brain
-from the Bay Area, CA
-Yogurt Brain is Jammin' Econo.  Yogurt Brain is Hippies because Punks=Hippies.  The Yogurt Brain ship is navigated by an Oakland songwriter who thinks Charles Foster Kane is just fantastic.  A perfect date with Yogurt Brain includes Copy Centers, Wallace and Gromit, and Suffocation.  The most members of the live experience currently equate two - guitar and drums.  Self-releasing their own cassettes and LP's for the last 5 years - Yogurt Brain is fiercely and stupidly DIY because everyone else makes their records too damn expensive.  Yogurt Brain loves you almost as much as Yogurt Brain loves talking in the 3rd person.