Maura Weaver and Mike Park


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Thursday March 2 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$13 in advance / $15 at the door
Laura Stevenson
 Folk rock, indie rock
Chris Farren
Ogikubo Station
 Mike Park from Asian Man Records and Maura Weaver from Mixtapes
 folk punk?

Laura Stevenson
-from Long Island, NY
For her first live record, Laura Stevenson opted not to record the most raucous show of her tour—an eight-week international one, at that—but a quiet night in Groningen, Netherlands instead. As she notes, about 40 people showed up, and Stevenson and her band were the only performers that night, but the band ran through its songs with a well-rehearsed urgency, including a cover of The Replacements classic “Alex Chilton,” which The A.V. Club is premiering below.

The live record is available for free on Jeff Rosenstock’s Quote Unquote Records as a pay-what-you-want download, and 100 percent of the profits raised from the sale of the live record will go directly to Planned Parenthood. Stevenson had this to say about the importance of Planned Parenthood, and why she decided to use her first live album as a means of raising money for such a vital organization.

This is the only official live recording of our band and we’re so happy to be able to donate 100% of its sales to Planned Parenthood.

I was raised by two incredibly strong women who taught me from a very young age that I should never take my reproductive rights for granted; they warned that I should never get complacent, or feel at ease because those rights will always be in jeopardy in this country, and all over the world. Planned Parenthood is a vital resource for women’s health and we are so so proud to stand with them and with all of their supporters. Let’s do everything we can to keep this institution open and accessible.-

Chris Farren
Chris Farren
-from Naples, FL

-Chris Farren is one of those names that is always on the tip of your tongue. Though he’s been heavily involved in music for years —and he’s become well­known for his inventive merch, including his take on the classic The Smiths shirt — Farren is still working on breaking out in the large world of singer­songwriters. After experimenting and honing his solo work on a few memorableEPs andaChristmasalbumcalledL ikeAGiftFromGodorWhatever, Farrenis ready to release his full­length Can’t Die . With it, he’s poised to become known on his own terms and with his own unique sound.
“I definitely wanted to make something that wouldn’t just sound like another Fake Problems record,” says Farren. “ I wanted to make something that was poppier and a little less aggressive — but still energetic and entertaining. Lyrically, there’s some sadness involved but I didn’t want it to be a bummer to listen to.” The result is a clever blend of pop and gloom, the sort of record that will keep you dancing even when the lyrics cut deep. Farren, who cited Coconut Records, Belle & Sebastian, and Magnetic Fields as his influences while recording Can’t Die, has crafted a record that has a true indie­pop sensibility and remains musically upbeat throughout. At the end of the day, however, C an’t Die is a record that is wholly reflective of Chris Farren’s sound. It’s not Fake Problems or Antarctigo Vespucci but instead it’s entirely Farren’s: resonating indie­pop that captures all of the weird little anxieties of being in your twenties and realizing that you can’t control everything around you. “Once I got past that ego­driven stuff and realizing that the world doesn’t revolve around me, it was a lot easier for me to get through the world,” says Farren. “It’s heavy! It’s a heavy world.” That’s true, but C an’t Die adds some lightness, resulting in a record that makes listeners happy while also recognizing that it’s OK to be sad sometimes.

Ogikubo Station
Maura Weaver and Mike Park
-from San Jose, CA

-Maura Weaver and Mike Park playing music. Simple chords with simple melodies with the simple goal of having fun playing music.