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Thursday March 16 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
A Wilhelm Scream
 Melodic hardcore, Punk rock, Skate punk
Dearly Divided
  melodic skate punk
Runaway Kids
 punk rock

A Wilhelm Scream
Nuno Pereira – vocals
Trevor Reilly – guitar, vocals
Mike Supina – guitar
Brian Robinson – bass guitar, vocals
Nicholas Pasquale Angelini – drums
-from New Bedford, MA

-A WILHELM SCREAM formed in New Bedford, Massachusetts in 2004 out of the momentum of founding members Trevor Reilly, Nuno Pereira and Nicholas Pasquale Angelini’s previous band, Smackin’ Isaiah, which despite our wack name, toured extensively and tirelessly without label support for several years, doing everything ourselves with the support of friends with the same DIY spirit we had.we’re still having the time of our lives playing and writing music that we really love to labor over. New Bedford is still the home base where we come together to create music and is a big part of who we are as a band, and we are proud to spread the name of our hometown wherever we go. The blue collar spirit of New England permeates our work ethic in writing arranging and recording together, with a tour every few months to keep the juices live and keep the lights on. Every year we get to go play somewhere new in the world. We are grateful and humbled by the fact that we have fans out there that appreciate what we do, regardless of if the style of music we play is “fashionable” at the time or not. Our fans mean everything to us. Their support makes it possible for us to do what we love and we are honored to call many of them friends. As long as they keep coming out we will keep coming back to sing our guts out with them. We are always on a musical mission, and that will never change.

Dearly Divided

Jamie Cairns - Lead Vocals, Guitar
Aaron Bates - Lead Guitar, Vocals
Brett Mathews - Bass
Aaron Bruski - Drums, Vocals
-from The Bay Area, CA

-Melding JAWBREAKER and PENNYWISE into a something fresh and honest, DEARLY DIVIDED have delivered one of the most solid outings I have run across in years. Props for the REDEMPTION 87 poster in the vid for "89"... These guys are unquestionably contagious with not a filler in the basket... Superb.

Runaway Kids
Gage Armstrong - Vocals
Sean Chamilian - Guitar
RJ Shankle - Drums
Korey Keeton - Bass
-from Los Angeles, CA

-When you think of punk rock from the 80's and 90's, the bands were not only playing their instruments fast and aggressively, there was also a message that built a rugged community that united and fought against the social ills that faced them every day - politicians, naysayers, absentee family members. It was so much more than what came out of the P.A. system. It was all about the people.
Just as those bands from the past inspired their listeners to fight for a brighter tomorrow, Los Angeles very own Runaway Kids look to imbue that same sense of urgency within their listeners. Formed in the Summer of 2014, the band immediately went to work writing and recording their debut EP 'Better Days', which they recorded with producer Cameron Webb (Pennywise, Alkaline Trio, Sum 41). The band received a very large co-sign in Pennywise’s Randy Bradbury, who lent his expertise by tracking bass on the entire EP. Jake Denning, writer for, had this to say about the EP: “With their debut EP, Runaway Kids have established themselves as a band to look out for in 2015. It’s reckless and wild, reminding listeners why they fell in love with alternative music in the first place.” Look for Runaway Kids in your city, as they plan on relentlessly touring the United States and beyond, playing the very distinct brand of punk rock that made them the people they are today.