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Wednesday March 22 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
 rock blues grunge
Sons Of An Illustrious Father
Heart Of The Whale
  Rock n Roll

Leah Wellbaum (guitarist/vocalist)
’Wellbaum, Kyle Bann (bass), and Will Gorin (drums)
-from Boston, MA

-With their long-awaited third album Everyone  Else, Slothrust deliver ten riveting anthems  that  reward  repeated  listens.  The songs  grab  the ear and pierce the psyche with complex arrangements and  lyrical depth intensified by guitarist/vocalist Leah Wellbaum's penetrating vocal delivery.  

The  trio  first staked  out  their  unique  strain  of  jazz and  blues-afflicted  rock as  students  at
Sarah  Lawrence  College.  The  band’s  2012  debut Feels  Your  Pain, and its successor  2014’s
Of  Course You Do,  established  the  band  as  a  breed  apart, serving  up  deceptively  clever  epics  that  veer  satisfyingly  between incandescent riffing and pop hooks, winsome anxiety and powerful heft.

"People  have  always  had  trouble  comparing  us  to  other  bands,  but  someone recently described us as Nirvana meets Wynton Marsalis, and I loved that,” says Wellbaum. Even  the  band’s  name  inspires a beat  of  thoughtful  consideration as the eyes take in the letters and the brain makes its snap judgement: SloThrust? Slot Rust? Slo Trust?  Sloth-Rust.  While Everyone  Else clearly  shows  Wellbaum  fulfilling  her  early  promise as a singer, it’s  where  she  hits  her  stride  as  a  lyricist:  Pulling  the listener under  the
surface  to  explore  a  submerged  world  brimming  with  exotic  creatures. 

Sons Of An Illustrious Father
JOSH AUBIN ~ vocals, bass, keyboards, guitars, percussion
LILAH LARSON ~ vocals, guitars, bass, drums, percussion
EZRA MILLER ~ vocals, drums, percussion, keyboards
-from Brooklyn, NY

-Experiencing the music of Sons Of An Illustrious Father is like being invited into a trusted triangle of creativity, emotion, spiritual, personal and interpersonal growth. Here, three stories of three songwriters/singers/instrumentalists merge selflessly into one artistic continuum. This February, the New York-based trio releases its most boldly vulnerable and artistically distinct body of work yet; its third album, Revol (Big Picnic Records).  When pressed, the three playfully refer to its music as “future folk” or “heavy meadow.” The trio’s free spirited creativity has garnered comparisons to such diverse artists as The Band, Tom Waits, and Nirvana. Sons take a collaborative approach to songwriting, signing separate songs, and creating three-part harmonies.

Highlights in Sons career, thus far, include being spotlighted for their CMJ debut by Jon Pareles of the New York Times, selling out a limited edition version of a previous album, and touring with poet/musician Saul Williams.  Sons Of An Illustrious Father, as it’s known today, emerged three years ago one winter night, in the wake of the turmoil and despair of having lost two of its band members. This painfully complex time forged a deeper bond between Josh, Lilah, and Ezra, and they committed themselves to the familial musical spearhead of Sons.

“The journey for us has been about really being present for each other as friends, family, and bandmates,” Ezra says, concluding: “I remember during our first tour one sound engineer we worked with sent us an email with tips for a band on the road. One was ‘remember your friendship is what powers the songs.’ We printed that out, framed it, and hung it up on the mantle of our bus. The nature of our love, and sense of family as a band, is what makes the music so strong and pure.”   



Heart Of The Whale
Jonathan Nicholson - Vocals & Guitar, Joe Wilinski - Drums,
Jon Turner - Bass, Keys, & Vocals, Sven Forner - Guitar
-from San Francisco, CA

-Heart of the Whale is a San Francisco rock'n roll band with something very dark up their sleeves. They blend psychedelic gospel, fuzzed out blues and heady distortion. Raucous, beautiful and sometimes harrowing but they do it all with a sideways smile and a tip of the hat.

Their songs are stories heard from across a campfire or lived through a young boy in a small North Carolina church. Their self titled debut album was written and recorded between Fall 2012 & Spring 2014, and released in April of 2015.