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Wednesday March 29 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
The Buttertones
 alternative rock
Wild Wing
 americana cow punk garage rock
 (formerly Dinosaurs)
 garage punk psych

The Buttertones
-from Los Angeles, CA
-The Buttertones’ Gravedigging is more a movie waiting to
happen than an album—or a soundtrack just waiting to inspire a
movie, with scene after scene of action, tension and release set
to a sound that takes everything good and true about American
music before the Beatles prettied it up (surf, sweet soul, the boss
saxophone-overdrive garage of the Northwest wailers like the
Sonics) and matches it to punk energy, post-punk precision and
the kind of personality that blows the circuit-breakers at a
backyard party. When it came time to make Gravedigging—the follow-up to a special
issue 8” for Innovative, which ended up pulling them aboard the
label full-time—they knew it was time to go deeper and get dirtier.
Recorded at Jazzcats studio in LongBeach—home-away-from-home
to fellow Innovative Leisure artists Hanni El Khatib, Tijuana Panthers,
Wall of Death and more—in the spring of 2016, the sessions were
supercharged with hard-won live experience from endless
street-level shows and relentless midnight-to-six rehearsals at the
Buttertones lock-out, then focused even further by the insight and
vision of producer Jonny Bell. (“Jonny pushed us like crazy,” says
Boettcher. “He had so many ideas all he time.”)

Think of it this way: you might not yet know how the band that made
Gravedigging is going to land—but you know it’s going to hit hard.

Wild Wing

-from Los Angeles, CA

-Emerged fully-formed from our mothers' assholes.
Every show is our last show, so catch us while we're hot!

(formerly Dinosaurs)
Graham, Wyatt, Gil
-from San Francisco, CA