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Thursday April 13 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$13 in advance / $15 at the door
 indie pop
 electronic rock
DJ Corey Duffel

Tom Ogden - Voice/Guitar.
Charlie Salt - Bass/BV's.
Josh Dewhurst - Lead Guitar.
Joe Donovan - Drums.
Myles Kellock - Keyboards/BV's.
-from Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK

-British quintet Blossoms formed in Stockport, a town just outside of Manchester, England, in 2013. Formed by school chums Tom Ogden (vocals, guitar) and Joe Donovan (drums), the band later incorporated Charlie Salt (bass, vocals), Josh Dewhurst (guitar), and Myles Kellock (keyboards, vocals). Their sound was pigeonholed as psych-pop, which the band didn't like; rather, they hit a sweet spot between the Doors and Arctic Monkeys, combining a knack for classic pop songwriting, moody organ atmospherics, and a youthful energy. Ogden's delivery occupied the space between Richard Ashcroft (the Verve) and Alex Turner, of the aforementioned Monkeys as the band slithered from spooky, groovy warmth to peppy Brit-pop. Debut single "You Pulled a Gun on Me" was a fine example of this combination and the band continued to develop on subsequent singles "Blow" and "Cut Me and I'll Bleed." 2015 saw the release of two EPs -- Blown Rose and Charlemagne. As the band gained exposure, they released another EP, At Most a Kiss, in February 2016. The four-song set featured some new elements, including synths and a more driving urgency. Month later, Blossoms revealed plans for their debut full-length. The self-titled album was scheduled for release in summer 2016, preceded by single "Getaway." ~ Neil Z. Yeung

Nick Dika, Mike DeAngelis
Tim Oxford, Max Kerman, Anthony Carone
-from Hamilton, Canada

-Emerging at a time when the internet had thoroughly disrupted the way we make, consume, and think about music, the Arkells’ 2008 debut, Jackson Square, inherited the dying-embered torch for a certain old-school, rock ‘n’ roll ethic—and poured a fresh gallon of gasoline on the flame. They came from a notoriously tough industrial outpost—Hamilton, Ontario—armed with songs about punching clocks and punching faces. And though they were spurred into action by the mid-2000s Canadian indie-rock renaissance—back when bands like the Weakerthans, the Constantines and Wolf Parade were channeling punk-fueled passion into anthems for the overeducated and underemployed—the Arkells were also keen students of the classics. They named songs after John Lennon and pinched lines from Elton John, and if you got them drunk enough, they could play you an hour of spot-on Motown covers.
Arkells’ new album, Morning Report, is loaded with bass drops and AutoTune, let us be clear: like the band’s previous releases, the record showcases the intuitive interaction between Kerman and Mike DeAngelis’ intertwining guitars, Nick Dika’s urgent basslines, Anthony Carone’s dulcet keys, and Tim Oxford’s lockstep drumming. But there is a more irreverent, adventurous ethos at play that reflects Kerman’s current musical interests—and that goes well beyond calling the first song “Drake’s Dad.” There are click-tracked rhythms, subliminal samples, electronic pulses, and sax and violins threaded into the richly textured mix, which more readily recalls the cut-and-paste approach of a hip-hop beatmaker than the plug-and-play impulsiveness of a live rock band.

Vocals, Guitar / Maxim Rainer
Guitar, Vocals / Tyler Wimpee
Bass, Vocals / Colton Dearing
Drums, Vocals / Justin Kila
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Wilderado is Maxim, Tyler, Colton, and Justin.  Maxim and Justin hail from Tulsa, OK while Tyler and Colton grew up in the Dallas, TX area.  They all moved to LA around the same time and somehow reconnected serendipitously.
DJ Corey Duffel
-"I am the Nightrider. I'm a fuel injected suicide machine. I am the rocker, I am the roller, I am the out-of-controller!"