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Thursday April 20 2017

  ----previous show (with Intronaut) canceled
         *Refunds will be automatically issued to whose who had bought advance tickets

Thursday April 20 2017
8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door  
 progressive avant-garde post-metal
Bell Witch
 doom epic funeral metal sludge
Mustard Gas And Roses
 ambient metal rock
DJ Rob Metal
 Metal DJ

Sacha Dunable - guitar, vocals
Joe Lester - bass
Dave Timnick - guitar, vocals, percussion
Danny Walker - drums
-from Los Angeles, CA-

-Progressive metal titans. Formed in 2004 when Venus was in transit, Cassini rubbed nuts with Titan, and NASA’s Spirit and Opportunity landed on Mars, Intronaut—a term that means ‘inner traveler’—would spend the next decade writing, recording, and releasing genre-defying, category-destroying long-players, the first of which was 2006’s Void on the Goodfellow label. Soon after, the Angelenos caught the eyes and ears of Century Media, where they debuted with the incredible Prehistoricisms, and with it a mountain of acclaim from tracks like “The Literal Black Cloud” and video single “Australopithecus”. Over the next seven years, Intronaut would tour with Mastodon, Helmet, Between The Buried And Me, Tool, and Animals as Leaders, while also issuing widely lauded full-lengths in Valley of Smoke and Habitual Levitations (Instilling Words with Tones).

If Intronaut came out of the last decade with anything it’s that they’re known purveyors of the progressive. They’ve made a name for themselves through musical, lyrical, and artistic adventures, journeying into a multitude of styles, parlaying the best of their influences and their spirit animals into a force that’s immediately recognizable as Intronaut. Though labeling has its downfalls—‘progressive’, in terms of music, could mean analogous to Genesis, Pink Floyd, or Porcupine Tree—Dunable has a different view on the term and its possibly tenuous association to the band. “I think our definition of ‘progressive’ has always been different than most people’s. I consider anything with an innovative spirit
behind it to be progressive. It has very little to do with actual musical ability and everything to do with translating the insane noises in your head into music, and not deriving from something that exists already.”

Bell Witch
Bass/Vocals: Dylan Desmond
Drums/Vocals: Jesse Shreibman
-from Seattle, WA

-Seattle based duo BELL WITCH have, since their inception in 2010, carved a unique niche in the metal scene. Utilizing only bass, drums and vocals to create a mournful, melodic take on minimalism and an ethereal but crushing approach to magnitude.
Their most recent LP, Four Phantoms (2015, Profound Lore) was recorded by Billy Anderson and is their most focused, structured and melancholy release to date. Four epic sentiments of funeral / death doom are orchestrated into arias of the four titular ghosts.

Mustard Gas And Roses
Michael Gallagher: Guitar, Vocals
J Bennett: Bass
Bryan Tulao: Guitar
Sash Popovic: Drums
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Mustard Gas and Roses started out as a way for me to explore ideas that did not fit comfortably into Isis' world. The band was until recently, only me and my guitar. Lately I have been playing shows with a revolving cast of other players and the songs have been coming alive beautifully.
DJ Rob Metal
DJ Rob Metal
-from San Francisco, CA

-* A Vinyl Junkie and Purveyor of Extreme Metal, Stoner Rock and the rest of
the Dysfunctional Family Tree.
* May have been seen at thee Parkside, The Knockout, The Fillmore, and
various other venues who cater to the genre.
Seems to be found at The Bottom of the Hill & DNA Lounge.