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Thursday May 18 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
 Galactic Rock
 Indie Pop-Rock
 punk & roll

Emily Palen: violin, organ, vocals, Bryan Dean: bass, Rob Ahlers: drums
-from San Francisco, CA

-KnightressM1, brainchild of violinist, vocalist and composer Emily Palen fuses raw power of heavy rock together with the grace of classical music and the reach of the ethereal. Backed by a lifetime of serious music study, Emily breaks the bonds of category with her hard-driving, authentic and emotionally revealing power trio. With a strong foothold in her classical training,   Drummer Rob Ahlers of 50 Foot Wave and bassist Bryan Dean, bassist for Angelo Moore/Dr. Madd Vibe, complete the line-up and anchor the band with their hard-driving, explosive synergy.  Combining a collective deep understanding of the fundamentals of music and a passion for the cutting edge, KnightressM1 has created an unforgettable sound.

KnightressM1 is based upon the fundamentals of a truly free society in which each being, each creative force is fully living their passion as they so choose.  Music possesses a power so deep it reaches all levels of consciousness inspiring change within the individual and the collective on a subatomic level.  Vibration, intention, consciousness infused words and harmonies which open up the heart all combine to create a field in which the being can touch the deepest parts of themself and live free.  KnightressM1 is founded in these principles as well as the principles of sovereign and integral business.  The time has long been for musicians and artists to forge their own path to thriving artistic sustainability.  When each decision is sourced from a place of full integrity and no sacrifice for success occurs, this path is created and strengthened.  There is no competition, there is only fullness. The fullness of a human living raw and vulnerable.  That is the birth of a true superhero, and we will serenade you all the way up to the sky, the sun, the top of the stars and back.  We salute you.

Emily has performed with The Foo Fighters, has worked with John Paul Jones and has performed in many notable bands around the Bay Area including The Goldenhearts, Bonfire Madigan, Dolorata, Shelley Doty and the Xtet among others.

Andrew Griffin, Dylan Brock
Art McConnell, Dara Ackerman
Bryan Dean, Joann Demars
-from West Oakland, CA

-"Felsen's music is both smart and sexy and is always catchy. It demands repeated listening. This is for Alt Rock fans of Wilco, Radiohead, the Flaming Lips, Beck AND fans of the classic sound of Pink Floyd, the Beach Boys and the Beatles."

-Dave Hagan: bass & vocals
Nate Harris: guitar & vocals
Mark Joseph: drums & vocals

-S.F. punk n' roll power.