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Wednesday May 31 2017
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM ••• ALL AGES
The Old Folks
 Garage Folk
Mayya And The Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
 funky rap indie
Psychic Astro Club
 psychedelic rock glam
                ----The Howlin Wolves are off this bill

The Old Folks
Adam Spry, Kyle Clouse, Scott Wright
-from San Francisco, CA

-In an age where drums are played on a machine and auto-tune is the vocal standard, The Old Folks bring back the grit and soul of rock and roll. Formed in 2015, The San Francisco Power Trio features the talents of lead vocalist and guitarist Adam Spry, bassman Kyle Clouse, and drummer Scott Wright. The Old Folks brew sultry music that fuses rock and roll, country, blues, rockabilly and more to create a sound unlike any band today. Their influences range from The Rolling Stones and The Doors to Merle Haggard and Johnny Cash.

Mayya And The Revolutionary Hell Yeah!
-Spencer Owings on lead guitar, Sam Jones on drums, Evan Anderson on bass, Alex Pollak- percussion/good vibes, n Mayya on lead vox/rhythm guitar
-from San Francisco, CA

-Mayya moved with her family from St.Petersburg, Russia to San Francisco around the age of 2, and has been livin in the same apartment in the Tenderloin since. Growing up in this environment has shaped her world view and influenced her songwriting. But she is not always cooped up in the TL... Goin' on adventures with friends into nature n whatnot, has also been of help in many ways.. such as in the formation of "Lands End" (last song off debut album Tea & Chocolate), written from the perspective of being a homeless person who lives in Lands End. Though there are many things one can be saddened by, Mayya generally maintains a positive outlook on life and tries to be as understanding of others' situations as possible.

Psychic Astro Club
Tony, Tom, Lennon
Timm, Ben, Reilly
-from Santa Cruz, CA

-indie psychedelic rock glam from santa cruz.