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Sunday June 25 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$8 in advance / $10 at the door
Manzanita Falls
  Folk Rock/Indie Rock
Eight Belles
 Indie Folk Pop with Americana Essence
 rock, dream pop, and shoegaze

Manzanita Falls
Jeremy Mccarten- Guitar, Vocals
Matt Coit-Drums
Matt Robinson-Bass
Ross Barbieri- Guitar, Vocals
-from Santa Rosa, CA

-Manzanita Falls has been perfecting their blend of dramatic indie rock for the better part of this decade. Now on the cusp of releasing their newest album “Abilene,” Manzanita Falls is excited to be bringing these songs to new and expanding audiences. Written after a near-fatal rollover accident the band suffered while on tour, and honed for the better part of three years, these songs explore the tenuis balance between life and death; love and loss. Manzanita Falls is ready to be out of their Northern California studio and back on the road this spring and summer.

Eight Belles
Jessi Phillips, Henry Aloysius Nagle
-from Oakland, CA

-Songwriter and vocalist Jessi Phillips and guitarist Henry Aloysius Nagle create inspired, subtle Americana music that pays respects to its influences but sounds like nothing but itself. If Harry Nilsson and Patsy Cline had a love child and left it in the forest to be raised by wolves, its cries would sound very similar to this music.

Rachel Frankel, Matt Hemmerich, Kevin Kaw
-from Oakland, CA

-Phosphene's history began in 2008, when bandmates Rachel Frankel (vocals/guitar) and Matt Hemmerich (drums) met in San Francisco. As classmates in the same English course, they quickly discovered their mutual love for music and desire to create.

In 2013, the duo met Kevin Kaw (bass/guitar) at a songwriting event featuring The National. Soon after, they poached him to play bass on their first batch of songs. The seamless chemistry between the three resulted in the debut LP, Phosphene, in which the band expanded their sound as a fortified trio.

Since forming, Phosphene has continued to refine and evolve their sonic palette to reflect their diverse influences. The band is an amalgam of rock, dream pop, and shoegaze with Rachel's bright melodies bursting through.