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Tuesday June 27 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$8 in advance / $10 at the door
 Alternative rock
Harlow's Monkeys
 Folk, Americana, Stompfolk, acoustic

Gerard (Vox/Guitar)
Ryan W (Bass)
Kevin W (Guitar)
Ryan A (Drums)
-from San Francisco, CA

-Sleeptalkers is a four-piece alternative rock band from San Francisco. Pairing powerful, dynamic vocals with infectious melodic guitar lines, Sleeptalkers explores themes of hope, love, and self-realization. In the autumn of 2015, Gerard Cabarse (lead vocals/rhythm guitar) started Sleeptalkers as a solo project. After writing, recording, and producing their first album, “All I Can Ask For”, Gerard began looking for bandmates to play the album live.  Long time friend, Ryan Astudillo (Drums), jumped on board after playing with Gerard in a similar project. The lineup was then rounded out by Ryan Wong (Bass) and Kevin Wong (Lead Guitar) to bring the Sleeptalkers sound to life.

Harlow's Monkeys
-from San Francisco, CA
-Some bands are born out of the desire for fame and fortune. Some bands just happen by mere coincidence. Harlow’s Monkeys is certainly the latter. Fronted by Bay Area native, Tommy P, along with the talents of Paul Krantz, Allie Jones, and Amanda Salguero, this four-piece has a dynamic sound that ranges from delicate intimate truths to explosive rhythms. Tommy’s lyrical style is very simple, yet is capable of addressing with full poignancy the heart of the matter, whether it’s unrequited love or the existential ennui that plagues us modern humans. People often comment on the ambiance Tommy’s songs have on a room, whether it’s slightly unsettling, welcoming or humorous, it can’t be ignored, and won’t fail to make an impression. Harlow’s Monkeys is a band that functions around the idea that music should be provocative and true. While some may claim that we are “post the truth,” Harlow’s Monkeys firmly believes that all beings recognize truth when they see or hear it. This band’s music will take you through the journeys or emotions that you may have long forgotten, or that you’re currently going through. In any case, listeners will often finish a Harlow’s Monkeys record feeling refreshed by the archetypical stories funneled through the quirky yet provocative voice of Tommy’s writing fleshed out by various good friends and musicians that make up the San Francisco music scene.

CJ Bergmen
-from San Francisco, CA

-"Clark plays every other Wednesday night in The Richmond Neighborhood at Heartbaker's open mic. His low vocal and penchant for the melancholy invites his audience in to songs about life and death and everything in between."