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Wednesday June 28 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$8 in advance / $10 at the door
Ellisa Sun
 Acoustic Neo-Soul
 R&B fusion
 neon pop

Elissa Sun

Ellisa Sun
-from Seal Beach, CA

-Ellisa Sun is a multitalented folk soloist out of San Francisco and she’s finally decided to release her debut album. For years, she’s found joy in creating music privately but it’s high time she brought her talents to the public.

Give her one quick listen and it becomes very clear – Ellisa Sun is something special. She’s got a jazzy, wide-ranged voice comparable to Amy Winehouse and she paints Van Gogh portraits with her sincere, storytelling lyricism. Though she may be somewhat new to the scene, Ellisa Sun knows exactly what she wants out of her music. She sings confidently, each note a powerful soundwave crashing wondrously against the soft of your listening ears. Overall, her sound is smooth and soulful, fit for quiet nights by the bedside or wine dates by the pool. She’s got a real knack for matching soft strokes of the acoustic guitar with her headstrong vocalism.

Annabelle Maginnis (mandolin, vox, violin, guitar)
Kofi Asare-Aboagye (vox, guitar, pocket piano)
-from Los Angeles, CA

-From San Fran to LA, Act Natural is testing out the waters of this vibrant place.
Kofi (Mike Blair) is a music producer who has recently picked up guitar. He and Annabelle toggle between lead and harmony with vocals. He may also surprise you with a pocket piano or many of the other tricks up his sleeve.
Annabelle is primarily a mandolin player and vocalist, though she also plays violin (her first instrument) and tickles the guitar.

Kimi & Chris & Thorson & Nathaniel
-from The Realm of Drĉms, United States

-Like all great bands, DRĈMINGS began as an outlet for heartbreak – the opening track of their debut EP, Nevada, repeatedly pleads “oh stay with me / please stay with me” – and has spent the last several years evolving from vocalist, multi-instrumentalist, and sometimes-producer Kimi Recor’s alter ego into a tightly knit band of four whose new EP explores the many ways you can find your voice and mine your own inner strength.  This drastic change in theme reflects not only the similarly drastic changes in the world as a whole, but also this movement away from a single spotlight and toward a group effort.

Their self-titled 2017 EP is akin to a rebirth for DRĈMINGS and brings Recor back to her band-oriented roots, cementing DRĈMINGS as a four piece comprised of herself (vocals/guitar), Thorson (bass/synth), Christopher Vick (guitar), and Nathaniel Meek (drums). The band returned to being independent (the EP will be released on Recor’s own PLAG Records) and wrote DRĈMINGS as a collective, self-titling the EP to make that point clear to listeners. Thorson stepped forward to helm the production and mixing of all six tracks in his Underwater Studios.  From the heavy, thrumming bassline in “Fire in Hell,” to the dancefloor-worthy “Great Escape,” to the crooning Enya-esque EP closer, “Tides,” there really is something for everyone on DRĈMINGS, all without losing the band’s trademark sound that ties it all together.