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Friday July 14 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Cymbals Eat Guitars
Palo Duro
 neo-soul, alternative
El Gato Dice
  Alternative / Post Punk / Shoegaze

Cymbals Eat Guitars
Joseph D'Agostino
Andrew Dole
Brian Hamilton
Matthew Whipple
-from New York, NY

-“We wanted to make a more energetic record. I personally looked to artists like Springsteen, 70's Bowie, The Smiths, The Cure, Neil Young as inspiration for—not really for sound as much as for that dichotomy of bands who were entertainers still making, at times, weird dark music and writing songs that seem totally over-the-top by today's rock band standards,” says Cymbals Eat Guitarsbassist Matthew Whipple of his band’s wildly ambitious fourth LP, Pretty Years.  Their trademark cacophonic guitar rock and innate propulsion are still abundant, but they’re buttressed by raucous synth and keyboard lines, and an extemporaneous saxophone performance, which enrich when they could easily clutter these songs. The entire album is rife with electrified, flashbulb moments—“4th of July, Philadelphia (SANDY)” conveys the madness of life on the road. And indeed, Pretty Years is a roller coaster ride, both lyrically and sonically, that encompasses what it’s like to be alive and in the moment. But ultimately, this is an album that keenly captures the magic and loss attendant to living life wide-eyed, and hints that these “pretty years” may portend even prettier ones to come.

Palo Duro
Michael Jackson Winningham
performing with Carlos Orozco, Josh Halpern, Taft Mashburn, and Christopher Cox
-from Austin, TX

-Palo Duro is the pulsating, technicolor universe of Michael J Winningham. Michael Winningham is an Austin songwriter who spent time with the Austin indie-pop bands the Glass Family and Gold Beach. His new project Palo Duro expands his scope considerably: the group’s debut album comes out via Danger Mouse’s 30th Century Records, and their debut single is just as worldly. Winningham says he was inspired by the late, great William Onyeabor, an ’80s Nigerian musician who found a new audience a few years ago after his work was reissued by David Byrne’s record label. His pioneering blend of funk and synth-pop seeps into Palo Duro’s “Darken The Glow.” The track sounds locked into Arcade Fire’s recent groove, matching complex beats to a sky-reaching chorus.

El Gato Dice
David- Vocals Guitars
Bob- Percussion
Alexis Blair - Bass
Pollyanna Bush - vocals
-from SF, CA

-SF indie trio makes a melancholy you can celebrate. El Gato Dice formed in 2009 when drummer Bob Crews (North Carolina) and vocalist David Jesitus (Ohio) decided to revamp the noise trio they were in at the time to form the more pop sensible El Gato Dice.  In 2010,the  7 track "Uno" was released to critical and extraterrestrial radio acclaim (Off the Charts radio, Indie Band Guru, Trifecta Music Group, etc.) After a hiatus David went back to RobotEnvy in 2013 to lay the groundwork for what would be the ambitious 10 track "Dos."  And while these initial tracks were sweet and sing-along the rest of Dos was a steamroller of shoegaze and indie pop.  "Insatiable" was the surprise 7 minute hit from seemingly another planet , gracing college radio in multiple Pac-12 and Midwestern markets.  The Bay Area caught on  and David, Bob, and bassist Ugur played tirelessly as other tracks like the Morrisey-ish "Haymaker" and alt-rock "Clean" continued the momentum.  The summer of 2016 was capped with  successful shows at Amnesia and Bottom of the Hill.  And while the band hit a speedbump in the process of recording "Tres" (Ugur got called away to a job on the east coast) SF rocking regular Alexis Soden (Kessel Run, Run Amok) dove in with both feet to kick sense back into Bob and David to round out the trio with gusto.  But the new material goes deeper.  There's a lot of nu-gaze and pop sensibility, and Marin's extraordinary Pollyanna Bush has added a wistful beauty while trading off vocals with David.  The result is an even more complex, denser, yet accessible sound.  Be sure to check left of the dial in fall 2017 and listen for the Pavement vs. Love and Rockets vibe of lead single "Tame". or the melancholic yet anthemic "Stop Leaning."  The future really is now.  And Tres will boast 10 pop/gaze/punk anthems you can only get from an ecletic crew like El Gato DIce.  The cat says Yes!  You will too.-