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Tuesday July 25 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• 21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
JC Brooks
 R&B funk post-punk soul
Harold Ray

  ass-funky rock'n'soul      ----TITAN UPS is off this bill
The Fell Swoop
Soul,  Disco, Dance

JC Brooks
JC Brooks – Vocals
Alec Lehrman – Guitar
Theodore Berry IV – Bass
Jeremy Tromburg – Keyboards
Kevin Marks – Drums
JoVia Armstrong – Percussion
-from Chicago, IL

-JC Brooks makes soul-infused, genre-bending music that is energetic and kinetically charged. “It all started out as an effort to merge post-punk and soul, but it’s grown into so much more than that,” says vocalist/lyricist/bandleader JC Brooks. “I feel like we carry that ethos with the genre-mixing blend of soul music we write, and the punk aspect is more about our DIY determination to get out there onstage and engage with our live crowds on a visceral level.” After years of touring the US and Europe playing clubs to major festivals, the band hunkered down in 2016 to record The Neon Jungle. That grab-the-listener-at-all-costs mashup manifesto has been captured to a T on the band’s new joint, which is set for an April 7, 2017 release via Rock Ridge Music. As JC Brooks & the Uptown Sound, they previously released two albums for Bloodshot Records, and their soul mashup version of Wilco’s “I’m Trying to Break Your Heart” was a nationwide jam. With the new album, The Neon Jungle, they have dropped “the Uptown Sound” but continue as one powerful live band.

Brooks himself describes the forthcoming release as an album-length depiction of “one crazy, incredible night out.” And what a wild ride it is indeed, from the percussive harmonic rush of the opening track “Jungle” to the vulnerable balladeering of “Playing With Fire” to the progressively funky kick of “O. N. O.” — a song where Brooks filters the best of Prince, Mick Jagger, and Steely Dan into his signature soul-train blender — to the whirling-dervish jam attack of “Get Gone.” JC Brooks has made a career out of delivering the goods they’ve put down on wax during their celebrated live performances, and the stage is where The Neon Jungle will be shining from next.

Harold Ray
-from San Francisco, CA  
- Here ye, brethren and cistern! What you hold in your frayed mittens is the first recorded testament of Harold Ray Live, the groover, the midday mover, the theorem prover, with his special brand of ass-funky rock'n'soul. But not merely Harold Ray Live, but Harold Ray Live RECORDED LIVE in front of a specially invited audience bussed in from Bay Area retirement homes for Mother's Day.

You can practically smell the simoleons this baby will generate! I'll never forget my first encounter with the legendary Harold Ray Live, Miami's answer to Little Joe (and at least half one-third of the Latinaires). It was at the Farraz Club on Second, I think it was at a tailgate party outside the Tijuana Jai Alai Arena, though it might have been (just maybe) at some hipster shithouse with a bunch of goofs wearing striped tights and polyester baseball caps.

Anyway, some drunk ofay kept screaming, "Harold! My Man!" until Harold, in a fine display of his famed wit, finally yelled, "Will you shut the fuck up?" Ah, golden memories.

And let's not forget the boys in the backroom band: the boss honk of the squawnk, the whack crack of the rum-tee-tee-tum, the smooth move of the bu-bu-bu-ba-da, the castrato demidivinity of the ree-ree da-dahhh, the roller coaster ride of the piree-eep-eep (and let's not forget what sound the mooly-cow makes!). They're the ones who stretch the canvas, who stuff the rabbits into the the secret compartments of the tophats, to wit: the stooges who make the magic possible.

Getdown music for the strutting beast within? Absitively! Background music for some action in your sin-bin? You bet! Foreplay, I mean Foreground music for pure listening enjoyment? Fuquez oui! Guaranteed better than a poke in your eardrums with an icepick! If I'm lyin', I'm dyin" ("Zeus gives no aid to liars," as Homer put it)!

The Fell Swoop

Brittany - Vocals
Rosa - Vocals
Caleb - Guitar
Pearce - Keys
Brian - Bass
Zach - Drums
Katie - Alto Saxophone
Matt - Trumpet
-from San Francisco, CA

--The Fell Swoop is a San Francisco 8-piece that blends funk, soul, and pop. The live line-up boasts two charismatic female singers alongside two energetic horn players backed by a super-tight rhythm section.