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Friday July 28 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:30PM ••• ALL AGES
Silent Pictures
 post-punk psychedelic rock shoegaze
United Ghosts
 dream pop electro electrogaze
Breaking Lights

Silent Pictures
Alexander Mann
(Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Keys)
Jafar Green
(Guitar, Bass)
Peter Dosanjh
Dave Conrad
-from California

-Silent Pictures first EP and Films were recorded and edited by Alexander Mann whose music career started in 1989 in the Bay Area with little known UK Manchester influenced group Valeria and later project Your Precious You (named by BJM guitarist Travis Threlkell.) From early 1991 through later 1990's he began hanging out in the San Francisco Shoegaze scene opening for such bands as the Rosemarys, Yo La Tengo and Brian Jonestown Massacre to name but a few... After living some years abroad in Asia Alexander Mann joined San Francisco's Mellow Drunk and recorded on 2 of 3 of the band's full length CDs and a handful of E.P.s. He also co-wrote and recorded on all 3 Boyskout records. In 2010 Alexander began recording under the name Silent Pictures often working with many of the same musicians he has worked with in different projects. Silent Pictures mission is a blend of live performance and cinema both new and old, a tribute to great musicians, painters, modern artists and directors and of course Eadweard Muybridge. Thank you for your attention and support... A.Mann

United Ghosts
-from Silverlake, CA
-Featuring shared girl-boy vocals, United Ghosts blends a seemingly dizzying collection of influences that range from Kraut-rock and electro to classic psychedelia and shoegaze into a cohesive sound that celebrates its influences, while keeping one eye firmly set towards the future.

Breaking Lights
-from San Francisco, CA
-Breaking Lights is a shoegaze/post-punk band based in San Francisco, CA