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Thursday  August 3 2017
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM ••• ALL AGES
$8 in advance / $10 at the door
 Heavy/ groovy Rock
Destroy Boys
 garage-y punk-y happ-y rock and roll!
Clit Kat
 dark hardcore punk

Burd-Guitar & vocals
-from San Francisco, CA

-Burd is a band from San Francisco with a self-described “heavy with a groovy vibe to it” sound. Even though they just started off, they have already been hosting and playing a lot of shows all over the bay area.
Beyond hosting shows at their house, they have also played at warehouses, bars, venues and even some outdoor shows. They have already developed a following and see a decent turnout of fans when they play.
Burd don’t have anything recorded yet, but they plan on making an album soon. They also plan on touring in the near future.
Until then, if you wanted to see Burd yourself, you can probably catch them soon at a venue near you.

Destroy Boys
Alexia Roditis - lead vox
Vi Mayugba - guitar + vox
-from Sacramento, CA

-"Because everybody likes fun, goddammit.

Which is where Destroy Boys come in. Vi Mayugba (guitar), Alexia Roditis (vocals) and Ethan Knight (drums) materialized one day with their scrambled up, punk-ass garage rock—songs ranging from folky to full of angst and rage. And they have magnificent titles, like, “I Threw Glass at My Friends’ Eyes and Now I’m on Probation,” a fast-paced, monologue-heavy rocker with tons of laughs. There are also slower and moodier songs like “Goldilocks Spot” where Roditis wails like a depressed lounge singer. And, of course, there’s my favorite song, the hardcore “30 Seconds of Shit,” which in half a minute makes me want to burn down a police station. For an EP that only lasts about 10 minutes, it’s full of energy and great fun, a much better advertisement for a band than, say, a Facebook post with hella likes or a viral YouTube video of a cute baby doing stupid shit."

- Josh Fernandez
Submerge Magazine

Playing Guitar - Dash
Playing the Bass Guitar - Glex
Pounding - Colin
-from Los Angeles, CA

-We are Espresso. From LA, playing funkrock. Melting minds and creamin jeans.

Clit Kat
-from Los Angeles, CA
-Clit Kat formed officially with its first line up late summer 2015 in Glendale, CA with Sara Catherine, Luis Ho, Julian Montano, Aiden Gilbert, Evan Lytle and Kieran Black. Emphasizing on a dirty, goof ball approach to dark hardcore punk music. Regrouped with Margaret Dwyer on vocals, revamping their sound drawing inspirations from Trash/ Doom Metal bands to Straight edge hardcore groups. Following up their two west coast tours, the band released their debut EP "Clit Kat Worldwide" with Penniback Records in the spring of 2017. The band is planning to record their next 4 track EP in the deep sand pits of Californian Desert.