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Friday  August 4 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Amigo The Devil
 Murderfolk, Americana
Wil Ridge
Amina Shareef Ali
 formerly, Shareef Ali
 alt-country folk indie rock

Amigo The Devil
Danny Kiranos
-from Spicewood, TX

-Danny Kiranos is the singer, songwriter and banjo player behind his astonishing persona, Amigo the Devil. If you never met him, you might mistake Amigo the Devil for a monster. The murderfolk maudit's most popular song is called "Perfect Wife." With gallows humor to make Marshall Mathers wince, it details gruesome spousal abuse that escalates until the wife rifle-blasts her husband. Two other beloved anthems are "Dahmer Does Hollywood" and "The Reluse," which was originally titled, "Ed Gein." The latter opens the self-released Diggers EP by loosely sketching the necrophiliac Wisconsin serial killer who once made a belt out of human nipples. Think Johnny Cash at his blackest, mixed with Father John Misty, if he exhumed graves at Hollywood Forever Cemetery. The Devil is far more than a folkie with a dark side. There's a sepulchral beauty, acid wit and ingenious arrangements. Both his larynx and his lyrics make him one of the most unique voices in music -- even if he sticks only to songs of the doomed.

Wil Ridge
Wil Ridge (Singer/Songwriter, Guitar, Harmonica)
Ray Fortune(Guitar)
Graham Palmer(Bass)
Todd Rosenberg (Drums)
-from Santa Barbara, CA

-Wil Ridge is a singer/songwriter from California
who has been writing and performing his own brand of music. The songs he writes are everything American Roots rolled together- laid on top are his own unique lyrics full of poetic imagery and emotion. Wil's personal turmoil with the heartache over his formative years that he spent teaching himself guitar and writing songs about the people in his life has shaped his songwriting, his complex personality,
and has made him a powerful live performer.

Amina Shareef Ali
-from Oakland,CA
-Based in Oakland, California, Amina Shareef Ali performs songs of love and struggle. Poignant and revealing verse reminiscent of Leonard Cohen or Conor Oberst is set against a backdrop of American music both traditional and modern, from folk to punk to country to rock and roll.

Hailing from St. Louis, Missouri, Amina Shareef Ali studied music composition at Oberlin College and moved to the Bay Area in 2007. She has performed at such venues as SF’s Bottom Of The Hill, the Make Out Room and the Hotel Utah Saloon and Berkeley’s Starry Plough.  Amina has released four records: The Once and Future Boyfriend (2010) and Holy Rock and Roll (2011) with her band, The Radical Folksonomy; and the solo albums How to End the War (2011) and A Place to Remember the Dead (2014), which received positive attention from the San Francisco Bay Guardian, and several other music blogs.

Amina Shareef Ali has done several tours both solo and with a band, visiting Portland, Seattle, Tacoma, Eugene, Bellingham, St. Louis, Amsterdam, Chicago, Baltimore, Washington DC, New York, Philadelphia, New Orleans, Austin, Tucson, Los Angeles and many other cities.  In 2017, Amina came out as a transgender woman.