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Friday September 8 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
  from Portland
  Hardcore Punk Rock and Roll
The Crazy Squeeze
  from L.A.
Tenement Rats
 Punk rock
Double E And Bad Business
 country rock, cow punk, acoustic troubadour

Jonny Jewels – Vocals
Kelly Halliburton – Bass
Scott Williams – Lead Guitar
Hopper – Rhythm Guitar
Timmy Rokket – Drums
-from Portland, OR

-"The members of this group are or have been in Defiance, Dead Moon,Resist, Detestation, Pierced Arrows, Severed Head Of State... and about every band to ever come from Portland, but you shouldn't pick up this rad little two-song picture disc because of what these folks have done in the past. P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. stands on it's own merits. The band plays well crafted hardcore punk with a fast and dirty rock'n'roll swagger." - Maximum Rock'n'Roll.
The P.R.O.B.L.E.M.S. all started one rainy fall day a few years ago when five Portland drunks decided, against all reasonable judgement, to stir up some shit, make some noise, and provide each other with a good excuse to meet for beers a couple of times each week.

Now, a couple of years later, after several tours in the US, Europe and Mexico and a handful of vinyl and cd releases, they made a name for themselves as a prominent presence in Portland's thriving Punk / Garage Rock / Underground music scene.

After nearly 80 European shows in 2015 and 2016 they will come back to Europe in fall 2017 with a new singer, their new single “Enemy Spy” and a brand new LP!

The Crazy Squeeze
Johnny Witmer- Guitar/ Vocals
Superlegend Frankie Delmane - Guitar/ Vocals
Dat Ngo - Bass
Shauny Clark - Drums
-from Hollywood, CA

-"From Hollywood, California... Johnny Witmer (of The Stitches), Frankie Delmane (of Now Wave faves the Teenage Frames), Dat Ngo (ex-Superbees) , and Johnny Sleeper (of the Superbees) have come together to form a supergroup." Not since the Traveling Wilburys has there been a supergroup as universally anticipated as The Crazy Squeeze. If you were into the underground punk/rock n’ roll scene in the late ‘90s and early 2000s, you know who these guys are. You own their records. You bought them shots. You friended them on Myspace. And now they have joined forces to create a veritable justice league of punk rock! Where else but in Hollywood could Johnny Witmer (of The Stitches), Frankie Delmane (of Now Wave faves the Teenage Frames), Chris B. (of the Richmond Sluts), and Johnny Sleeper (of the Superbees) have come together to combine their prodigious & complementary talents for the betterment of the free world?! The Crazy Squeeze - now with Dat Ngo ex-Super Bees in on bass - are everything you’d expect and then some. Combining vintage glam wham-bam (New York Dolls, Slade) with straight-up rockin’ punk, their sound is pure raunchy fun with hooks out the wazoo. You know: music for fucking! It’s just got that swagger. Of course Witmer is on fire on guitar, doing the Berry/Thunders thing like he was born for it (because, ya know, he was!). And with the criminally underrated songwriter Delmane involved, you know the songs are gonna be aces. If you like high-energy, sing-along rock n’ roll with ripping guitars and an irresistible backbeat, go straight to “Boys Are Gonna Be Here Soon” and “Out of My Head” and fall in love! Yes, sir! “All Lies” slows the tempo and brings a harder edge, but it proves to be equally great. With the release of this full-length album the Crazy Squeeze are poised to be the next big thing in punk rock n’ roll. If you enjoyed the Dolls, Joneses, or any of these guys’ old bands, it’s time to get on board the Crazy Squeeze bandwagon. Pour yourself a hard drink, and shake it! - Lord Rutledge (Faster and Louder)

Tenement Rats
Jonny Watkins -- Guitar and Vocals
Shaun Clark -- Drums
Mike Yager -- Bass
-from Los Angeles, CA

-"Tenement Rats are a current band out of L.A. that sound so much like a real deal punk group from the '70s. I'm talking raw, primitive, and snotty as fuck punk rock that delivers a nasty attitude and killer tunes in equal abundance."

Double E And Bad Business
Emil Edinger- Vocals,Guitar
Jeffro Lane-Drums, Vocals
Jay Tea-Lead Guitar,Vocals
-from Los Angeles, CA

-DOUBLE E & BAD BUSINESS exploit their love affair with every variety of country music quite clearly- rambling, ambling odes to women and drink and love and hate- this trio of disparate, ragged individualists put pay to the plight of a drinking man’s lament- that rustic place in which the men and women of this world converge to drown their sorrows in liquor and song- to exorcise the demons, to placate the pain. This is country rock, cow punk, acoustic troubadour, good ol’ boy Bakersfield tinged blowout- with a feel and love for all the architects of yore- from Johnny Paycheck to Gram Parsons to Don Williams to Kris Kristofferson to the more western injected rock from the Rolling Stones, The Kinman Brothers, and Neil Young. Double E & Bad Business- Jeffro Lane on Drums, Jay Tea on Guitar, and Double E himself- Emil Edinger- on the acoustic and vocalizing- have arrived to soak your senses in 100 proof, Oak barreled sonic sentiment- both drenched in truth, lies, and legends. And when the legend becomes fact, print the legend.
-Frankie Delmane (Galactic Zoo Dossier, Amoeba,Trash Zine)