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Wednesday September 27 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Love Theme
  featuring Alex Zhang Hungtai of Dirty Beaches
 electronic cinematic drone
Sun Pack
 psychedelic, therapeutic dream pop
 ~Adam Keith
 techno noise

Love Theme
Alex Zhang Hungtai
Austin Milne
Simon Frank
Montreal, London, LA and Taipei
-If there's a single guiding motif to this debut recording from Love Theme, it's the melancholic throb of love learnt and love lost, a descent that tumbles and slips through the overall feeling of looking back. As intimately and carefully as its parts cohesively lament a narrative, it's the after-image that catches your breath, like a memory morphing as it is observed.

Comprised of Alex Zhang Hungtai of the now defunct project Dirty Beaches, along with Austin Milne, and Simon Frank, 'Love Theme' is arranged from an improvised session with twin saxophones, synthesizer, percussion, drum machine, and voice. Over the course of a year the material was edited remotely from the members' home cities of Montreal, London, LA and Taipei.

The record's sullen ambience is never left too long to set in. The aching wane of the saxophone arrangements frisk the propulsive aggro moments of the mixed percussion, forcing a melancholic halo upon the queasy stupor of the synthetic swing that closes each side of the record. It's a bizarre lust for life that's being divined from equal parts dislocation and invigoration, a potent remedy which perhaps Love Theme can call their own.

Percolating and finding form over time, the record instinctively follows a travel narrative, moving across a series of landscapes, reflecting the innate experiences of the expressions and voices that were first collected in South London back in February 2015.

Sun Pack
Niki Smith
Matthew Sage
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Sun Pack is Los Angeles-based droner Niki Smith. Her meandering, immersive debut album—recorded in Colorado following several years of nomadic drift around the country—will see release on the stalwart outsider label Patient Sounds. Tiny Mix Tapes describes the sound as "acid-dipped guitar and a voice that rings out like orchestra bells at the bottom of the Grand Canyon."

-from Oakland, CA
-Cube is the solo alias of Oakland, CA-based producer Adam Keith.  Musically, the project touches on industrial, dub, techno, noise, and more, but does so with a distinctly personal, emotional touch.  Live performances build on musical themes like voyeurism and artifice using light, video, and performance.  His debut LP "My Cube" was released on Left Hand Path in 2016.