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Friday October 13 2017
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM •••  21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Hot Lunch
 heavy rock
Hot Fog
 hard rock blues
DJ Sasquatch Borracho

Hot Lunch
Eric Shea, Aaron Nudelman
Rob Alper, Charlie Karr
-from San Francisco, CA

Hot Lunch is a punk ‘n’ roll band from the San Francisco/Oakland Bay Area that specializes in getting loud, getting weird and getting rad. The quartet’s unique blend of brown-acid skate-rock and wah-fuzz proto-metal was born in the bowels of skatanic rituals, biker beer busts and wizard staff meetings. With a head-bludgeoning sound that refuses to take sides (and showers), Hot Lunch are on a hell-bent mission to create the best party soundtrack in the history of all music. Their self-titled debut album was recorded by Tim Green at Louder Studios and is available on all formats by Who Can You Trust? Records (EU), Tee Pee Records and Burger Records (US).

"A blast of 60's acid rock seemingly unearthed after decades of rock 'n' roll mediocrity necessitated its rebirth" – Thrasher Magazine

"A glorious tangle of sixties style psych, eighties punk rock, hairy fuzzy proto-metal and seriously shredding guitar mastery" – Aquarius Records

“They have distilled the best of garage punk, hesher heaviosity, The Blacks (Sabbath and Flag) and their self-titled LP on Tee Pee Records should be considered required study at your local campuses, skateparks, and dive bars.”
– Steve Turner (Mudhoney)

Hot Fog
Mike "Sir Francis" Drake,
Tim "Tommi Kazi" Mitchell,
Lars "Lars Savage" Savage,
Donny "Don Falconer" Newenhouse,
Ronny McDonaldson - Road Dog, ESQ.
-from San Francisco, CA

-“What it comes down to it though, all you need to know about Hot Fog

is, do they rock? And more to the point, do they slay? We’d say yea, and verily. Like a fist in the air, the vocals scream and soar. The galloping guitars storm to attack. It’s 1983 all over again, and in your face! The riffs are all instant headbangers, dished out with practically punk energy.” – Aquarius Records

Hot Fog is a San Francisco Hard Rock and Heavy Metal band born from the ashes of a slew of SF bands spanning the 90’s through the 00’s including Oranger, Film School, Hammerdown Turpentine, Pinq, and Preston School of Industry. This rag-tag group band of SF-rock veterans decided to get back to their roots — all they way back to their days of prepubescent bedroom rocking. They bring forth a thundering sound akin to a convergence of the  “NWoBHM” sound of Iron

Maiden and Priest with the speed and attitude of proto-thrash of the early 80’s a la early Metallica. Nodding to the past while rocking into the future, they deliver monster riffs, ripping leads, soaring vocals, and utter ridiculous song titles. They bring it un-ironically and with a focus on quality song-writing and metal-rific lyrics that would make any 13 year-old D&D dork beam with delight. Their live shows are sweat-soaked full-on, frontal assaults, complete with fog machines, lasers, back to back harmony guitar solos, and fans thrusting devil horns in the air as participants. They eschew the current trend of beards, tattoos, and Kyuss-tinged sludge-metal, and instead, they walk that razors edge of sincerity and fun like not many bands can.

Travis, Ron, Adam, Neal
-from Portland, OR

-PUSHY started as a long-fantasized side project for Travis Clow of Crag Dweller and Adam Burke of Fellwoods. They wanted a band that'd make you want to light your bushes on fire/take your pants off/stop showering/give up on Dry January/put off your taxes/kiss random people/dig holes/throw away all your post punk records. Ron Wesley of Hosmanek, known throughout the land as the one and only love child of Peter Green and Billy Gibbons was destined to add his prowess and charm to the project, and Neal Munson of Billions and Billions finally provided the low down grease to make it all grind. Please crack open a cold one... well, several cold ones, and get down.

DJ Sasquatch Borracho
DJ Dave Pehling
-from San Francisco, CA