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Thursday November 9 2017
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
Con Bro Chill
Giggle Party   ----Date Nite is off the bill
dance power pop

Esta Noche

Con Bro Chill
CON = Connor Martin (Party Host, Vocals, Keytar)
BRO = Sam Martin (Lead Vocals, Guitar)
CHILL = Ty Andre (Party Animal) & Steve Felts (Bass, Party Warrior)
-from Portland, OR

-When LMFAO, OK GO, and Freddy Mercury were smashed together, the Power Party Pop group “Con Bro Chill” was born. This party has been brewing for decades and is finally being unleashed unto the world to slam people right in the face with the most mind blowing HAPPY you’ve ever experienced. Made up by Connor Martin (Party Host/Keytar/Pro Lacrosse Player), SAMM (Lead Vox/Producer), Ty Andre (Party/Art Director), and Steve Felts (Party Warrior/Art Demon) this band is here to have a good time. Lets Party.

Giggle Party
Aaron - Guitar & Vocals
Jason- Bass & Vocals
Kat- Keyboards & Vocals
Ian- Guitar & Vocals
Ryan- Drums & Vocals
Drum Machine- Mother fuckin' beats
-from San Francisco, CA 

-Giggle Party was formed in Dallas, Texas and after garnering a dedicated cult following for their raucous live performances and feel-good, borderline absurdest breed of pop-punk, they have relocated to San Francisco.
Giggle Party think of themselves as a musical extension of the Lowbrow and Pop Surrealist movements; believing that making music doesn’t require you to be serious.  

Esta Noche
Connor Martin
Sam Martin
Ty Andre
Steve Felts
from Portland, OR
-This amazing band is a reggae band comprised of the members of Con Bro Chill that covers the songs of Con Bro Chill!