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Saturday December 30 2017
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM ••• ALL AGES
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
  from Seattle
 hardcore punk metal
Year Of The Fist
  Rock, Punk Rock
Screaming Bloody Marys
  Punk Rock
DJ Sasquatch Borracho

Blind Marky Felchtone
Donny Paycheck
Chris Jonsen
Jason Freeman
-from Seattle, WA

-“Ride With Zeke” has quickly become the mantra for the people who have accepted the invitation brought by on Heckler Magazine when they said, “Welcome the new monsters of rock.” And believe me, they are monsters. Ever since their very first gig at the Rock City in Seattle in 1993, people have had no choice but to pay attention. Their records will assault you, and their live show will batter you.

“Dirty Sanchez” is Zeke’s second Epitaph release, and it rocks like a motherfucker. From the very beginning quote that says (and foreshadows) “Hey, he’s acting weird, it must be drugs!” to the last roar of the Fleetwood Mac cover “Rhiannon”, you’ll be bludgeoned with tireless energy. It’s an album of 16 songs that clocks in at 21 minutes that was produced by Kurt Bloch (Fastbacks).

Before becoming a member of the Epitaph family, Zeke put out many singles on various little punk labels. Their first two releases were the “West Seattle Acid Party” on Wrecking Ball Records, and the “Holley 750″ 7” on IFA Records. Several singles later, and two full-length records on Scooch Pooch (“Super Sound Racing” & “Flat Tracker”), the infamous Fletcher from Pennywise threatened to quit PW if they didn’t get signed to the big E. And that’s exactly what happened (yeah right), and so “Kicked In The Teeth” is now in the history books.

Throughout the time that Zeke have been on Epitaph (since April ’98) they have toured relentlessly. They have literally been on 10 different tours, including tours with Jerry Cantrell (from Alice In Chains), ALL, Voodoo Glow Skulls, DOA, Supersuckers, and a few dates with Pearl Jam…they even toured Europe, Japan and Australia. But it’s the good ‘ol US of A that the band calls home, and Marky Felchtone said, “Austin, TX is my favorite place to tour…cuz it kicks ass!”

When you’re a punk band that is eternally touring, strange things are bound to happen that will have as much of an influence on the band as the music that got them started. Kiss, Black Flag, The Ramones & Black Sabbath would all get a run for the money when it comes to Zeke antics. When asked about some specifics, Marky Felchtone rattled off a brief list that went like this: “Drum sticks in eyes, broken bones, incidents involving cake, drugs and under-aged females, Black Metal homicides, etc…you name it”…I hope he was joking. But why does Zeke love touring so much? “All the thousands and thousands of dollars, chicks & booze…and it’s the best reason to avoid real responsibility.”

I asked Marky where he saw himself in 1 year, and in 5 years, he said “In one year, at the liquor store, outside with no money. In five years, at the right hand side of my Master.” Now that, my friends, is ROCK!

Year Of The Fist
Squeaky, Katie Colpitts, hal9000 Beers & KT
-from Oakland, CA

-Year Of The Fist hails from Oakland, California where there has been no shortage of great musicians and bands to play with or catch live any night of the week. In 2011 four friends found themselves in a position to play in the same band instead of different ones. Together their musical backgrounds spanned the genres of blues, acoustic, punk, indie, country but all had the love for rock and roll. 2012 saw the release of their debut album "Death, Breath, Light, and Pain" that finally gave West Coast rock fans something new and different to enjoy from the cookie cutter bands and labels to date. The years following that release were met with building a following through numerous shows in small towns and big cities. Between shows and traveling came time to record a follow-up EP called "Dirty Laundry" that was released exclusively on vinyl in August of 2016.

Screaming Bloody Marys
Angelique X Stacy-Vocals
Dave Dalton- Guitars
Juan Jesus-Lead Guitars
Ian Larkin-Bass Vocals
Greg Langston-Drums
-from Alameda, CA

-Back with a vengeance! The Screaming Bloody Marys, after a long disappearance from the music scene, founding guitarist Dave Dalton approached other former members, Juan and Hans about reuniting, and with the addition of powerhouse vocalist Angelique Stacy, the rock solid, spicy beats of the crafty veteran of SF’s punk scene, Greg Langston, on drums. Now featuring bassist Ian Larkin — one can truly say: Watch out – they’re back! The band can be characterized as ’77 British garage punk, hints of the Dwarves, Rancid and more than a hint of Bad Brains and Buzzcocks with a touch of Steam Punk.

Sasquatch Borracho
 DJ Dave Pehling
-from San Francisco, CA