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Saturday January 13 2018
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$10 in advance / $13 at the door
Stickup Kid
Everyone Leaves
 alternative rock
Save Face
Till I Fall
 Alternative / Pop Rock

Stickup Kid
Bo McDowell- Guitar
Tony Geravesh- Vocals
Jonathan McMaster- Bass
Cameron MacBain- Drums
Nicky Ertman - Guitar
-from San Jose, CA

-Stickup Kid is an American pop punk band from San Jose, California that formed in January 2009. The band consists of vocalist Tony Geravesh, guitarist Bo McDowell, bassist Jonathan McMaster, drummer Cameron MacBain, and fill-in guitarist Nicky Ertman. The band previously had a second guitarist, Curtis Wallace who decided to give up music to pursue an acting career. They have released two EP's, Fight Nothing (2009), Nothing About Me (2012) and two full-length albums The Sincerest Form of Flattery (2011), Future Fire (2013). Stickup Kid are currently signed to Adeline Records, who distributed both Nothing About Me and Future Fire

Stickup Kid on February 19, 2016 released their digital EP titled Debris which contains 3 tracks on the band's website and with their debut single "Debris" (2016) which also won a clip. In 2017 Stickup Kid announced a new album on their social networks, in August they released a list of shows that would happen in the united states.

Everyone Leaves
Jacob Bialosky - Vocals/Guitar
Jake Ciccotelli - Guitar/Vocals
Aubree Roe - Bass/Vocals
Carolyn Ambriano - Camera/Vocals
-from Columbus, OH

-We're here to do everything we've ever wanted to do in a band. We're here to have fun.
We make music that we like and we hope other people like it too!

Save Face
Tyler Povanda
Chris Wills
Phil McGarry
Nate Machado
-from New Jersey

-With "Folly: On The Rocks" the band takes a stripped down, sometimes acoustic, sometimes piano driven, but mostly intimate look into the heart of what makes Save Face. Unique and bare, this version of Save Face showcases their penchant for crafting well-written catchy songs that translate in any genre.

On "Folly", Save Face takes their art to the pinnacle of the bands current evolution. Mixing in smart, rollicking leads with intense vocal hooks that demand your attention. Akin to New Jersey scene godfathers Save The Day, Save Face take on personal examination to another level as Povada goes on to say that “Folly is meant to personify the way in which we derive our self-worth from anything but one’s self. These songs are an examination of a breakdown in communication, both internally and externally.”

Till I Fall
Brandon Leland
Zax Avila
-from San Jose, CA

-Till I Fall is an Alternative/Pop-Rock band based out of San Jose, CA. Formed in 2011 by Brandon Leland, TiF has been actively touring and releasing music through the independent circuit, allowing collaboration with multiple musicians and songwriters over the years, producing 3 EP's, 1 LP, and a single. After the bands 2014 release of "Lessons", lead guitarist and backing vocalist Zax Avila joined the trio, adding to the creative process and expansion of the brand.

Amidst the bands process of writing and preparing for the 2017 Self Titled release, along with a restructuring of the rhythm section came a change of writing roles, allowing opportunity for primary collaboration between Avila and Leland.