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Saturday February 10 2018
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$10 in advance / $13 at the door
The Generators
Roadside Bombs
 Streetpunk Rock n' Roll
The Control Freaks
  garage punk

The Generators
Doug Kane - Vocals
Mike Snow - Guitar
Teddy Hahn - Bass
Steven Reese - Drums
Barry Monroe - Guitar
-from Los Angeles, CA

-The origin of Los Angeles’ influential punk band The Generators dates back to 1997, just a few miles from the skyscrapers of downtown. In the early days, the band hung out and wrote music in an old vacant pizza oven factory, churning out their first batch of songs, which echoed the sentiments of the 1977 Punk spirit. They quickly got attention from the owners of the infamous Triple X Records, who were known best for their 1980’s roster that included Social Distortion, The Vandals, GBH and Jane’s Addiction. Without haste, the indie punk label put The Generators into the recording studio where they produced their first album ironically titled Welcome To The End. Vocalist Doug Kane and guitarist Mike Snow’s friendship goes way back to their early teens, growing up in Pasadena, CA. They both played in bands during Los Angeles’ early punk explosion and would share the same stages at punk dives around town. In 1983, Kane fronted one of America’s very first Oi! punk bands, Doug & The Slugz, while Snow played guitar for one of California’s foremost Mod revival bands The Way. Years later they were members of the Southern California Punk band Schleprock, which spent the better half of the late 1980’s and mid 1990’s supporting acts like The Specials, Rancid, NOFX, Face to Face, Sublime and Bad Religion among others. In 1995, Schleprock signed to Warner Bros Records, but by the following year the band called it quits due to drug addictions and internal fighting.

Between 1998 and 2002, The Generators went on to release another two full-length albums, one 10” EP and a 7” single, and just like wayward children, they found themselves on the doorstep of San Francisco’s street punk based label TKO Records. Over the next few years the band kept evolving, but always remained true to their early punk rock roots. As their music continued to resonate with fans, companies like Corona Beer and sports teams like the Los Angeles Lakers and the California Angels were also picking it up for commercial use. With scores of tours behind them and a full catalog of songs to fall back on, The Generators trudged their way through the next decade, releasing another four records with various labels along the way.

Roadside Bombs
Vocals - Ben Coleman (The Muggers, The Feelers, Hood House)
Guitar - Jeremy Catrambone (The Quitters, Dekoiz, The Burdens)
Guitar - Richard Webb (The Quitters)
Bass - Zach Newbrand (Screeching Weasel, Big In Japan, High&Tight)
Drums -Eric Strand (Victims Family, Engage)
-from Sonoma, CA

-Having formed in 2008, The Roadside Bombs are collectively hardened veterans of the Sonoma County punk rock scene featuring former members of, to name a few, The Bodies,The Muggers and The Burdens and have already graced the stage with bands such as Agnostic Front,The Templars and Pressure Point. The Roadside Bombs will undoubtedly make many an ally with their earnest, heart on the sleeve punk rock. You already like punk, you know that, so go and like The Roadside Bombs." -Treading Water

The Control Freaks
Greg Lowery,
Natalie Sweet,
Conrad Cataldi,
Tim E Del Licious
-from San Francisco, CA

-We are, we are, we are, The Control Freaks!
Their anthemesque opening number lets you know who they are immediately, THE CONTROL FREAKS.
The Control Freaks are a new band from San Francisco, and are trying to
put the P. and the U. back into Punk Rock. I know what the hell does that mean? It means this band wants to put the swagger and fun back into music, which seems to be lacking today.
So is it catchy? You definitely will catch something listening to this.
Is it raw? Like eating fresh roadkill
Does it move you like a 7.0 shaker? Check, and mate…
So who the hell are the Control Freaks?
First pounding the skins is a freak that goes by the moniker Tim E. Delicious. We don’t want
to know how he got that name and neither do you… all the Freaks care about is how he pounds those skins, and pound them he does. With the ferocity of a drugged out Keith Moon, Tim E. barks out the next song to keep the band moving forward, and really to get the show over with so he can make friends with the bartender. Such a forward thinker Tim is, and for a drummer that’s a rarity!
Next we got Conrad the Comrade., who just got broke out of a Gulag in Siberia. That’s why is guitar playing is considered Frosty! He keeps the Freaks sound whirring like a summer night in the Gulag…
Next we got the sexy and not so sweet, Natalie Sweet, (Yes that’s really her name) the girl next door on rhythm guitar, and lead singer for the Shanghais. Ok you be the judge, is she really the sweet and innocent girl next door? Maybe if you neighbor is Charlie Manson! She looks innocent and sweet but as we know in life looks are deceiving! Check out her belting out lead vocals, and her collection of tattoos she wears shamelessly, and you tell us how sweet Natalie Sweet really is! A perfect fit for the Control Freaks!
Lastly we got Greg Lowery on bass, creating his first new band in over 10 years. His resume is like the 1927 Yankees, with classic Garage punk mainstays such as Supercharger, The Rip Offs, Infections, and Zodiac Killers. He also came up with some classic punk rock quotes that should be on T-Shirts at Hot Topics across America, like, “MUSICIANS SUCK”, and, “TALENT = BORING.” So you pretty much know what you are going to get with the Control Freaks, more future classics, yeah we know, The Control Freaks are humble too. Who wants humble when The Freaks are out to save the world from boring rock and roll…..
So remember if you hate music you will love THE CONTROL FREAKS!