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Wednesday February 14 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
 Grody Roadie presents...
  My Grody Valentine

James V
 dream pop funk psych
Dingbat Superminx
 Soft disco pop
Sam Bailey And The Somethings

James V
James Thomer
Daniel Seman
Kirby Ditto
Shannon Cain
Max Kelly
-from Los Angeles, CA

-an oblong dreamy stew of psych and funk with elements of Reichian minimalism.

Dingbat Superminx
Aaron G Baker
performances have featured:
Anna Muselmann
Patty Wallace
Rachael Cleveland
Jenny Yang
Iso Bel
Kaitlin Duffy
Josh Vang Geem
Josie Mango
-from Oakland, CA

- DIngbat Superminx is a band that rejects passive performance, embodies serious humor, and celebrates the spectacle of authenticity. Aaron Baker's twisting pop music is administered by a troupe of performance artists who create an experience that cannot be financialized, repurposed, or translated to static mediums.  

Sam Bailey And The Somethings
Sam Bailey
-from Oakland, CA

- In September of 2016 I went on a road trip intending, at some point, to make an album -- there was a big, secluded, empty house waiting for me in Michigan. I zigged and zagged across the US for about two months. Then did nothing but eat, sleep, watch TV and make music. All of the songs were written, recorded, mixed and mastered by me in the month I was there. Thanks for listenin'