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Sunday February 25 2018
 6:30PM doors -- music at 7:30PM
Noise Pop Festival 2018 presents...
Tiny Moving Parts
indie emo punk screamo
Mom Jeans
punk rock & roll and emo
post-rock prog math rock
Oso Oso
indie pop punk rock

Tiny Moving Parts
Dylan Mattheisen - guitar/vocals
Matthew Chevalier - bass/vocals
Billy Chevalier - drums
-from Benson, MN

-Based out of Benson, Minnesota, emotionally charged screamo/math rock unit Tiny Moving Parts was formed around the talents of Dylan Mattheisen, William Chevalier, and Matthew Chevalier.
Sparkling guitar riffs and rough-around-the-edges are par for the course in a genre packed to capacity with bands, but Dylan Mattheisen and Matt Chevalier shout out some harrowing confessionals. 

Mom Jeans
Austin, Eric, Gabe, Bart
-from Berkeley, CA

-life is sad and then we die
might as well make somethin kinda cool looking.
We do super cool band stuff, like write music and play it live
I mean at least sometimes.

Yvette Young and David Adamiak
-from San Francisco, CA

-We are friends that just want to play music, travel, and have fun.

Oso Oso
Jade - Vocals and Guitar
Aaron - Drums
Tavish - Guitar and Vocals
Anderson - Guitar
-from Long Beach, NY

-from San Francisco, CA

-Oso Oso is a sentimental alternative rock band whose sound forces a collision between pop and punk. They channel the best of early 2000's indie and late 90's punk with a more grounded pop twist. 2017's "The Yunahon Mixtape" was written and recorded almost entirely by lead vocalist and songwriter Jade Dimitri with help from his longtime friend and current drummer Aaron Wims. This unified vision is clear throughout the record's open-ended but purposeful 3rd person narrative.