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Sunday March 25 2018
 8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Japan Nite 2018

 garage, low-fi,  psychedelic
Anna Takeuchi
  singer songwriter \ covers \ jazz-blues-pop
 Hip Pop
 Hip hop Rap

Hikaru Sakashita (Vo. / Gt.) and Keita Hasegawa (Dr.)
-from Tokyo, Japan

-Since the band was formed, the band printed their first album"Wow,diving", and two mini albums "Shinsou Kaikan Desuka?" (Released on Dec. 7. 2014), and "Delivery Songs" (Released on Jun. 24. 2015) which are distributed nationwide. They have recorded and mixed all their music on their own.  The band's musical style can be described as diverse as garage, low-fi, or psychedelic, but their style is a unique sound only domico can create.domico perform regularly mainly in Saitama and are well-known to make the crowds at concerts addicted to their irresistible live show.

On March 31st, 2016, the band released a single "ooo mai gaaa!!!" which was sold only at the live venues. The title song "ooo mai gaaa!!!" was featured as an ending theme of episode 4 of "Ninjya Slayer from Animation" and the band released a compilation album including this song in July.

The band also played the opening act for the top hit Spanish girl band, HiNDS who performed in Japan in April. domico is due to release their first full album "soo coo?" on November 2016.

In 2017, picked by Apple music as <New Artist of this week>.
They will perform at FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL’17 first time this year.
Going to release 2nd album”hey hey,my my?” Oct. then they start album tour.

Anna Takeuchi
-from Kyoto, Japan
-19 year old Anna Takeuchi is born in Los Angeles in 1998 and was raised in Kyoto, Japan. With a bicultural background, Anna is musically talented. She started writing songs when she was in grade school, taking guitar lessons when she was 13 years old, and performing in public at the age of 15.

When she turned 16 in 2014, she self-released her first album and organized her own shows in Kyoto and Osaka to support the album. While continuing her own shows regularly, she performed at many events and won awards at notable contests. Her fluent acoustic guitar playing and singing both in Japanese and English, combined with her soulful voice attracted various attention.

In June 2017, she won the grand prize of an audition hosted by Sony Music Artists and Teichiku Entertainment, a Japanese major music label among 10,000+ contestants. Now she is set to make a major label debut in 2018, and in the midst of attracting even wider attention.

However, Anna Takeuchi herself is still a nineteen year old college student. She writes, plays and sings songs holding hopes and anxieties, swinging between freedom and responsibilities, and resonating with the people of the same generation.

-from Kawasaki City, Japan
-Hi!We are "PRANKROOM"
from Tokyo in Japan.

I'm a pop singer pumi
I love pop music in the 80's.

I'm a female rapper K.E.Y.
I love hip hop music.

I'm a dancer puu
My charm point is a smile.

I'm a dancer pistachio.
I like freestyle dance.

As the name of PRANKROOM, we love to play a prank.
We are a happy and funny group.
We want to create a new genre of
HIP POP by combining pop and HIPHOP
We aim to become an artist whose name remains in the future.

-from Setagaya-ku, JAPAN
Hip Hop, Rap-