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Sunday April 1 2018
 2:00PM doors -- music at 3:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
 Iron Man Moving & Subliminal SF presents...
 The Subliminal Sunday BBQ show

"The Easter Sunday Black Mass BBQ"
  Free BBQ food: Burgers, dogs, and more!

 grunge stoner metal rock

 Dark esoteric death thrash
 performing a live musical score to satanic films

 Psychedelic doom with an avant-garde twist

John Gossard
Todd Meister
Harley Burkhart
Greg Brace
-from Oakland/San Francisco, CA

-Begun as a purely experimental improvisational outlet in 2000 after the demise of Weakling, and existing concurrently with The Gault and Asunder, John Gossard began creating music with drummer Peter Blair, born out the ashes of Weakling, but constantly morphing through other realms of dark music. After nearly a decade of fermentation, a few unstable lineups, and countless worldly distractions, 2009 saw a stable lineup form with Todd Meister and Nikhil Sarma entering the picture. With a full lineup, many the skeletons created from the old recorded improvisations became the basis for fully composed material. In 2010 the rehearsal/demo tape "Rehearsal at Oboroten" was released and the band began making occasional live appearances. In late 2011 N.S. exited the group due to conflicting prior commitments. Dispirit played a handful of shows after N.S. departure thanks to the help Sean McGrath (Impaled, Ghoul) to fulfill our prior commitments. In mid 2012 the band recruited Ryan Jencks (Deathroes, Sixes, Crash Worship) on second guitar and in late 2012 recorded a second demo, "111112". In mid 2013 P.B. retired for the band, and Jason Bursesse (Cyanic, Black Fucking Cancer) joined them as session drums for select shows. In 2014 the band recruited Trevor Deschryver (Lycus, ex-Deafheaven (yeah quit your whining already!)) on drums, but for how long?

Christy Cather- guitar, vocals
Laurie Shanaman- lead vocals
Sam Abend- guitar
Jason Miller -bass
Colby Byrn- drums
-from Oakland, CA

-Musically speaking, Ails beautifully synthesizes melancholy melodic death metal, stately doom, and atmospheric black metal, teasing every iota of intensity from each individual note and capitalizing on Shanaman's vocal might to hammer it all home—an effect that's further magnified whenever Cather joins her on the mic in deadly, elegant concord. The riffs here are knotty, often looped together in tight harmony, and supremely melodic, colored by a dark, sooty gloom that recalls Ludicra's paeans to urban blight. The overall effect leaves a listening wanting more (especially when Shanaman lets loose her harsh, rippling, primordial wail—how I've missed it!).

Together, they've been hard at work writing, recording, and playing local shows, building up a name for themselves that's become less about pedigree and more about the fact that Ails is an extremely good metal band.

Kyle May - Vox
Eric Stucke - Guitar, Additional Vox
Erik Schirado - Guitar
Will - Drums
Tofor - Bass
-from Oakland, CA

-Dark esoteric death thrash from filthy Oakland! With members of Dead Man/Demon Hammer/Funeral Chant, Caffa/DHC, Haggus/Bathtub Barracuda.

Hallucinator started in summer 2014 when Erik and Kyle approached Eric to do a new band of the fast and death metal variety. Eric ran with that and funneled his love of 80's extreme thrash and proto death/black metal into the primitive but deep folds of the nightmarish deathly sound that started to shape when the 3 got together. After a few solid writing sessions Will was brought into the mix and the band started practicing heavily for the next 5 months, eventually culminating in the band's first show.

After playing a wild and noisey set with no bass at Womansion in West Oakland on Feb 7th 2015, Tofor was added on bass and the band started preparing for their first venue show at the Golden Bull on March 22nd with TX death metal band Church Of Disgust.

Charles Hernandez
Rob Johnson
James Presley
Tim Gotch
Sasha Mimski
Matt Pankuch
Brown Hues
-from San Francisco, CA

-Founded in 2005, Sleepbomb performs fresh soundtracks for film. Musically diverse, Sleepbomb ranges from drone to doom, with detours through ambient, industrial and the avant garde.
Visual material is a key component and includes experimental film, German Expressionism and even modern epic.

Sleepbomb is available for shorts programs and feature films.