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Tuesday April 3 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Machine Girl
 electronic punk breakcore drum and bass jungle noise
 experimental pop grimewave psychedelic synthpunk
 Post-modern noise punk
 noise / gorecore

Machine Girl
-from New York, NY
-How is anybody supposed to deal with the daily horror that we’re subjected to these days? The level of violence that we’ve become accustomed to is terrifying. Every morning promises to present something even more sickening and death-bringing than the day before. The abusive, prejudiced mechanics of our society have become so tightly woven together that, even now, in a time when our insidious, pervasive behavior is more pronounced than ever, we have never felt more powerless. What can we do to stop this? Will things really get better? Are we just screaming into an empty void?

…BECAUSE I’M YOUNG ARROGANT AND HATE EVERYTHING YOU STAND FOR doesn’t have the answer to our problems, but that doesn’t make it any less ready to confront them. Machine Girl’s music has always flitted between various poles of underground sound, diving into harsh footwork drills on 2014’s WLFGRL and grinding out vapor-lite pop moves on their Orange Milk debut, GEMINI. But BIYAAHEYSF takes the project to an entirely new dimension of styleplay. Fueling itself to capacity with the craven residue of every kind of high-tempo music imaginable (and front-loaded with absolutely ravenous, frothing vocals that even the tag “cyber-punk” doesn’t fully do justice), the album heaps frustration upon frustration atop one another, becoming a pure manifestation of blind rage that, surprisingly, carries an uncommon sense of self-awareness not often heard in protest music.

Gavin Neves
Jeannie Colleene
-from Portland, OR

-Two magicians trying to make a living applying it to music.

HXXS sticks to one formula; Hardware, for their strange brew of psychedelic pop.

Ian, Rose Cherami, IDHAZ
-from Bay Area, CA

-"Gestures is loud cloudy improvised displeasure music."

-from Oakland CA
-“Death ‘n’ roll” is pretty well-established, so you may think Oakland’s Mouth is diving into the dark heart of that genre with their new LP Deathroll. Instead the band creates something much crustier, anarchic and off-putting.

True, the bass-and-drum duo knows how to pound out a skullcracking hook and they clearly have a love for their shredding, long-haired forebears. But with the help of engineer and Kowloon Walled City frontman Scott Evans, the piercing feedback, crusty vocals, blasts of powerviolence and smothering rhythmic attacks make for a messy, mutilated affair.

Closing track “Suck the Worm” explains this perfectly, making you feel like you’ve been dropped into the middle of a riot after chugging a molotov cocktail.

Deathroll will be out on limited vinyl in mid-September and the band is taking preorders now on their Bandcamp, where you can also download their free-as-hell three-song EP Corpus.

Suck it down, folks.