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Friday April 6 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $15 at the door
Nina Diaz
  from Girl In A Coma
 Indie eclectic pop
Wild Moccasins
 Indie Pop
Love Jerks
 members of Scissors For Lefty and Happy Fangs
 dream pop / glam-rock

Nina Diaz
  from Girl In A Coma
-San Antonio, TX
-Many albums  capture the flood of introspection that comes after a life-changing  experience. But the debut solo album from Nina Diaz, The Beat Is Dead  (Cosmica Records)—an expansive body of work that sonically references  musicals, alt-metal, indie pop, new wave—powerfully chronicles Nina’s  journey itself. “This album is the story of my addiction and my  sobriety,” she says. Some songs were written while using, some in the  infancy of going clean, some looking back months later with clarity.  “It’s like I shed a lot of different layers of skin during this  process.”
Nina Diaz began performing with Girl in a Coma when she was only 13.  After a decade fronting the critically hailed indie-punk band that was  famously nurtured by Joan Jett, opened for Morrissey and Tegan and Sara,  and earned multiple Independent Music Awards, the decision to work on  solo material was a big transition. “It was a little rough at first.  People were scared—I was scared!” she says. “But I knew I just needed to  do this.”
The creative floodgates opened. Allowing herself to express these  rushes of emotion liberated Nina artistically. “After you’ve made a fool  of yourself by treating yourself like I did while I was using and  drinking, everything after that is, like, nothing,” she says. “‘Why not  try this? Why not do that?’” With this abandon, she willfully drew on  all of her influences: They didn’t have to speak to an overall sound;  they just had to make sense in the moment. “Each song has its own  message, its own energy,” she adds. What began, in her mind, as a  five-track EP, grew into something epic.  The Beat Is Dead was released on October 28, 2016, to raves from everyone from NPR to Elle to the Austin  Chronicle. In December 2017, Nina released “Por Ti,” her first solo song in Spanish.

Wild Moccasins
Zahira Gutierrez
Cody Swann
Nicholas Cody
Avery Paul Davis
-from Houston, TX

-“It’s the chemical behind our reactions.”

Behind the infectious rhythms and pulsating beats of Houston peripatetic pop troupe Wild Moccasins, there is undeniable chemistry. It’s a combustion of frenetic sounds that expands like an exploding star, on dance floors as the eclectic quintet sweats it on stage and on their wide-ranging album, 88 92. Wild Moccasins provide escapism of the most visceral kind, those times where you forget everything – that job, those bills, your loved ones – and live in the moment.  

“We build a skeleton then give it the blood to make it come alive,” says Cody Swann, the band’s guitarist, singer and songwriter, about creating music that pulsates with finely constructed beats, that interweave and interact with each other to propel the sparkthrowing sound of 88 92. “For earlier albums, Cody and I collaborated on the basic ideas and ran with them,” says Zahira Gutierrez, whose lithe voice soars and floats above the blissed-out sonics, “but for this album, it was truly a collaborative effort, we each brought our own influences and put it together to become something distinct.”

The band, rounded out by Andrew Lee on guitar, Nicholas Cody on bass and John Baldwin on drums, is a unified machine, where each musician provides support, both in the studio and onstage, forging the multifaceted aural landscapes that have made them one of Houston’s biggest indie bands. “We love the camaraderie of our hometown,” says Swann, “we met in clubs and at concerts, and while working at record stores.” Their shows are famous for their theatricality, from Gutierrez’s otherworldly fashion, which she handcrafts for her and her bandmates, to the confetti blasts and balloon drops that make every performance into a party. Word about this incendiary Texas band got out, as the band mercilessly toured the country and accompanied of Montreal on a giant tour. “Our lives are: write, tour, repeat,” Swann laughs.

Love Jerks
Bryan Garza, Rebecca Garza-Bortman
-from San Francisco, CA

-Love Jerks is a San Francisco duo who make dream-pop ballads and glam-rock anthems that leave you no choice but to dance, or swoon, or both. The offspring of two longtime lead singers—Bryan Garza of Scissors for Lefty (vocals, guitar) and Rebecca Garza-Bortman of Happy Fangs and My First Earthquake (vocals, bass)—Love Jerks was born when these two jerks, yes, fell in love. They met in a rock club; got married in a rock club; and somewhere in between they discovered a mutual affection for Grimes, The Pretenders, Tame Impala, and French pop from the 1960s. The result feels fated: magnetic melodies, wry lyricism, and a theatrical stage show that the pair bring to life with the help of their third member, a virtual psychedelic animal drummer. Love Jerks’ first full-length is due out fall 2018.-