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Friday May 4 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
The Go Ahead
Sit Kitty Sit
  Record release
 Hard Piano Rock with a Classical Touch
No Captains
 funky, rock

The Go Ahead
KYNA WISE: Lead Singer
ALEX MAMELOK: Bass, Vocals
JOSH HERTZ: Guitar, Vocals
-from San Francisco/Santa Cruz, CA
-"[The Go Ahead] have embraced the fact that they love different sounds and rebel against being placed in a box. Each of the band members brings a different talent and collectively they combined all their uniqueness to create a sound that will propel beyond the norm into their own stratosphere.

Sit Kitty Sit
Kat Downs - Vocals / Piano Destroyer,
Mike Thompson - Drums of Thunder
-from San Francisco, CA

-SmallSan Francisco based Hard Piano Rock duo, Sit Kitty Sit, takes the stage. It’s a pretty girl in a cocktail dress and a handsome guy in black jeans.  Simple.  Unassuming. Armed only with piano and drums, this fiery team lets loose an expertly manipulated balance of blow-your-mind power rock and virtuosic intricacy that leaves audiences screaming.

In May of 2010, Kat Downs (Good Natured Mortals/Sparrows Point/Saints of Ruin) and Mike Thompson (Big Nasty/Tokyo Raid/Cougar Kick) teamed up to experiment with the combination of classical piano and rock drumming. Typically described as “The Dresden Dolls mixed with Muse and PJ Harvey”, the music they create also reflects evidence of Zeppelin, Beethoven, Rush and Rachmaninoff.  The combination of Kat Downs’ ornate hands and hair flying with Mike Thompson’s flawless percussive mastery makes this duo the consummate definition of a “dream-team”.

“Digging for comparisons, you can find a little bit of everyone
from Nick Cave to Randy Newman, Amanda Palmer to Metallica in their work.
Just simply comparing this band, however, does Sit Kitty Sit a disservice.”
– Nicholas Schneider, The Bay Bridged

Following their 2010 and 2012 releases, “The Push” and “Beautiful/Terrible” respectively, Sit Kitty Sit hit the road and never looked back.  Touring almost non-stop since 2013, the duo has built up a cult-style following all across the United States and have become known for consistently thrilling audiences with their energetically intense live performances. No holds barred, this group produces addictive rock n’ roll – with only two people, and not one guitar in sight.

“They seem to accomplish more with two people than most bands do with five.”
–  Veronica Kirk, Black on the Canvas

No Captains
danny - bass
alex - vocals
shurid - drums
-from San Francisco, CA

-No Captains, a funky, rock/metal band from San Francisco, has quickly developed a big following since their debut album, The Next One, came out in early 2011. They like to rock, and boy, are they good at it. Check 'em out here on Facebook, Reverb Nation, and Soundcloud, and show them some love. so let's go...