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Thursday May 10 2018
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
  KALX presents...
Coastwest Unrest
 (donating proceeds to Rebuild North Bay Foundation)
  catchy sun-soaked folk
Miss March
 dreamy garage rock pop -ish
Andrew St. James
 Modern Classic

Coastwest Unrest
Josh Dickie, Noah Dickie
-from Las Vegas, NV

- The songs on Coastwest Unrest’s new album, The Crazed Ones, on their own indie Reclaim Records label, can’t be understood completely without knowing its chief singer/songwriter Noah Dickie, and his older, drummer brother Josh, are west coast natives, having grown up, first in Fontana, CA, then, after the 1992 L.A. Riots, settling in Las Vegas.

“I wanted our name to reflect the locale,” says Noah. “We are a Western band.  Our music reflects that upbringing, from the riots in L.A. to this weird city in the middle of the desert. Unrest comes from the general uneasiness, the anxiety of the music.”

That combination of the timeless, barren nature of the Mojave juxtaposed against the neon glitz of the Sin City strip has created an uneasy balance between the roots Americana of their early work and the stripped-down, stark punk-folk of their latest. The desert looms large in the musical vision of Coastwest Unrest, its forbidding ecosystem, a hallucinatory, peyote-infused psychedelia that joins the barren expanse to the ominous edge of a city built on sand, a film noir that evokes the pulp fiction of Jim Thompson and the alien punk range of Charles Bock’s award-winning 2008 novel, Beautiful Children about Vegas punks roaming the streets in wild packs. 

The band’s music has become even darker over time, still with one foot into the roots, but this time, even more directly, reflecting a desert haze that has dissipated and hardened under a big, black sun.  Things may now be more on the surface and out in the open, but they are no less ambiguous.  “You have to read between the lines,” explains Noah.  “Growing up with all that insanity and violence had a major effect on me.”

“I’ve always respected artists that reflect their environment, and sing about what they know,” says Noah, who started playing guitar at nine, while listening to everything from Bob Dylan, Gram Parsons and ‘90s hip-hop (check the OutKast homage in “The Mainstream”) to Iron Maiden and The Germs. “I couldn’t see doing anything else,” he says, referencing L.A. poet Charles Bukowski, “I was born into this.”

Co-produced in Berkeley, CA, with Jim Greer (Foster the People, Yoko Ono, New York Dolls, Dr. Octagon), The Crazed Ones was mostly written before the current political maelstrom. Still, Noah’s songwriting proved remarkably prescient, from the environmental crisis denoted in “EPA (Edward Paul Abbey),” his double-edged tribute to the dystopian/anarchist novelist of the same name who predicted catastrophe in novels like The Monkey Wrench Gang to the Jungian archetypes in “More Madness, Please,” the mythological Joseph Campbell journey in “Re Wasteland” and the cinematic darkness of “Theodora.” 

Noah has deftly blended the political and the personal, optimism and pessimism, the specific and the general, into a series of songs that ache with guilt and temptation, addiction and release, the arid desert and the teeming city, another chapter in a musical output that is best described by the title of one of their previous albums, Old Weird America – transparent yet mysterious, simple but multi-layered, both nakedly aggressive and dreamily contemplative.

Miss March
Edward Burch - Jeffrey Schmidt
Ryan Schwartz - Jonathan Gaiser
-from San Francisco, CA

-spacey dreamy rockish pop from san francisco.

Andrew St. James
Andrew St. James & Friends
-from San Francisco, CA

-Andrew St. James is a singer, songwriter, and poet, out of San Francisco.
"There are obvious comparisons to Bob Dylan to be madebut that might downplay St. James’ ability."       –Surviving the Golden Age
St. James has been a revelation and we're excited to see what the future has in-store for him." –PureVolume