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Tuesday May 22 2018
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Gang Of Youths
  from Australia
Baroque pop
The Philistines Jr.
Indie Pop \ No-fi

Gang Of Youths
-from Sydney, Australia

-It's been a colossal year for Sydney five-piece Gang of Youths. The band released their sophomore album Go Farther In Lightness to critical acclaim, played to sold-out rooms and arenas across the world, graced the cover of Rolling Stone (AUS), and it all culminated in major wins at Australia's ARIA Awards last week. Gang of Youths came away with a total of four awards including Best Group, Best Album, Producer Of The Year and the prestigious Apple Music Album Of The Year. The wins follow an already impressive 8 nominations, cementing their status as one of Australia's leading rock bands. Now, the band sets their sights on North America. The band has today announced a run of 2018 dates that will see them play NYC, LA, Chicago, DC, Toronto and more. A full rundown can be found below.

Zane Lowe recently spoke of Gang of Youths on his Beats1 show, saying the album "absolutely blew my mind. I put it on, and I didn't stop, the entire time. The honesty, the poetry, the power of the production. The music. This is rock n roll. This is real spirited music right here. If we have our way, this is going to be huge, not just here in Australia, but everywhere. My mind has been blown by that record... blown!"

Described as a healing record, Go Farther In Lightness is a symbolic nod towards the optimism and kindness the band have found by surviving their various ordeals. This new record continues the work that has already so indelibly imprinted on fans across the world, and bears the scars of the band's painful history while seeking to draw new lessons from their struggle to endure.

Go Farther In Lightness came in at #16 on Uproxx's 50 Best Albums of 2017 list, they noted, "Go Farther In Lightness demands to be loved with a white-hot fervor that burns hotter than 100 suns, or disparaged as pretentious and bloated with extreme prejudice. The only crime is overlooking it."

Gang of Youths have also just released a new video for single "The Heart Is A Muscle" which was shot in Australia during their sold out tour and captures their renowned live performance. 

The Philistines Jr.
Peter Katis, Tarquin Katis, Adam Pierce
-from Bridgeport, CT

- Some people write great songs about larger-than-life things; on their new album If a Band Plays in the Woods…? The Philistines Jr. write about things that are exactly the same size as life: litterbug neighbors, unruly pets, broken cable service. "Write about what you know," explains Philistines mainman Peter Katis. "So I write about my brothers and writing songs and home life and recording our band and other people's bands." But the feat here is that it all adds up to something moving, inspiring, and maybe even a little profound. And you can hum along with it too.

The Philistines Jr. are brothers Peter and Tarquin Katis along with drummer Adam Pierce (Mice Parade) and an ever-expanding extended musical family. There's a good reason why the album title asks, if a band plays in the woods, do they exist? The Philistines Jr. have been playing in the woods of suburban Connecticut for 20 years, making charming, smart, even visionary music that has never seemed to catch a break. It's not for nothing that the band titled one early EP The Continuing Struggle of… "We got a great review in the Trouser Press Record Guide," Peter recalls. "And when the NY Press reviewed the book, they wrote 'And marvel at all the space given to struggling nobodies Philistines Jr.' Ouch. We've always had an underdog mentality."

Actually, in recent years Peter has gained some fame as an in-demand producer, having produced acclaimed records for Interpol, the National, Jónsi (of Sigur Ros), Frightened Rabbit, Tokyo Police Club, Mates of State, the Swell Season, Fanfarlo, Jukebox the Ghost and many others. No wonder the album sounds so gorgeous. But it's also the reason the record took so long to make. As Peter notes, "If you work on a record three days a year, it takes about ten years!" Peter wrote all the songs (along with Tarquin) and plays most of the instruments on the album — and no, that's not a fat lady singing on the exquisite title track, it's session ace Rob Schwimmer on the Theremin (and piano).

As with most Philistines Jr. albums, the music mixes rock instrumentation, vibraphone and glockenspiel, and electronic sounds like a half-broken sequencer, a cheap Casio keyboard, or the legendary Dewanatron, here played by its co-inventor Leon Dewan. In keeping with the lyrical themes, the sound is quietly radical — listen to the subtle but epic shift from keyboards to guitars on the majestic "B." "When I appreciate things for being weird," says Peter, "they're not obviously weird."