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Friday June 1 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
  from L.A.
 Garage Rock/Art Punk
 Punk rock

Rob Fletcher, Chris Owen,
John Laux, Warren Huegel
-from Oakland, CA

-Musk is the scent of unwanted materials that were moist for too long. It’s the smell of organisms growing in deep, dark places that no one wants to visit. It’s the stink that comes from unwashed balls after they’ve marinated in sweat. It’s a word that few associate with pleasantries, and it’s also a band from Oakland who are dead set on challenging your senses.

The music Musk plays sounds like it comes from a dank basement, written by guys who the rest of world forgot. Their influences are obvious: late ’80s noise rock, raw country balladry of ’70s-era Rolling Stones or early Beasts Of Bourbon, and even the jazzier parts of the Birthday Party. Yet somehow in their shambolic, crumbly tunes they find enough space to jam like Led Zeppelin, but instead of taking stabs at bloated, wannabe-funk, Musk uses the moments to run wild, bashing and crashing and screaming and wailing. Give the band 20 minutes and what you’ll hear will be unpredictable — in a good way.

You could say they’ve grown or matured, but YOU’D BE MISTAKEN. Like all great sequels (“The Godfather II”, “Bring It On : All Or Nothing”, “Eddie & The Cruisers II : Eddie Lives”) MUSK 2 amplifies and expands on themes that made ‘Musk’ a favorite amongst misanthrobes & collector skum alike (or is that an oxymoron?) and does so with laser-like focus.

josh = drums, monty = guitar, denee = bass
-from Los Angeles, CA

-Throwing sparks like two gigantic rocks grinding against each other, Los Angeles' LAMPS seem intent on doing things their way. And on every count, we're extremely pleased they do.

Fronted by the unimpeachable Monty Buckles, the Lamps' music alternately careens, crashes, throbs and urges.

This is mongoloid frenzy music. Are they paranoid, frustrated, or merely disgusted with humanity? The truth is usually somewhere in the middle. It beats me, but when a band has a dash of Necessary Evils, a dollop of Karate Party, and a fairly heaping mound of their own chemical blend, I'm always available (as we all should be).

The trio's debut LP had primitive, cavernous aggression pounding our asses into submission, while their soon to be released follow-up shows a very nice progression.

Phase two of the Lamps' recorded journey is marked by more adventurous and expanded sonic approaches, while retaining the thuggish essence that satisfies the planet of the apes. --Min Yee (A-Frame)

-from San Francisco, CA
-A machine-tight yet spastic punk/rock punch in the face from SF scene veterans who’ve done  time in Acid King, Lost Goat, Hank IV, Night After Night and countless others. Cheerful songs of self-destruction, personal annihilation, and the emptiness of life in the modern world—and sandwiches.