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Thursday June 7 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Handsome Hawk Valentine presents...
Thee Merry Widows
  (farewell show)
 Alternativ Rock, Blues Rock, Psychobilly
Hayride to Hell
 electro punk funk

Thee Merry Widows
-from San Francisco, CA
-Like a living, breathing Russ Meyers movie brought to life, Thee Merry Widows are a sight and sound to behold!

Combining elements of traditional psychobilly with their love of horrorpunk, surf, and garage, Thee Merry Widows are America's first all female psychobilly band. These girls may be pretty, but make no mistake, they ain't afriad to rock the fuck out!

Started by vocalist and burlesque queen Miss Eva von Slut and upright bassist Nikki Nightbreed in their San Francisco apartment, the band grew quickly to include sci-fi sweetheart drummer Andrea, garage rock rhythm guitar goddess Mistress Mandy, motorcycle maniac turned upright bassist Jenna Ferocious, and lead guitarist/kindergarten teacher Nishone.

Emerging from the underground, the band has become a major force to be reckoned with in California's psychobilly scene and have rocked shows with Demented Are Go, The Meteors, Guana Batz, Mad Sin, Nekromantix, The Long Tall Texans, Batmobile, The Coffin Nails, Hellbillys, and The Misfits to name a few. Thee Merry Widows have toured the US, the UK, Europe, and played a very special show for the boys at San Quentin. The girls are currently working on a blood lust follow up to Revenge Served Cold, slated for release in early 2008!

Alcohol-soaked and rocking like the Runaways on speed, these gals are ready to rumble! Think you're man enough?

Hayride to Hell
Cart - Hollerin'
John Long - Gitarin'
Mal Wrekker - Slappin'
Matt Macabre - Poundin'
-from Northern CA

-Hayride to Hell was started as an earlier incarnation in 1994.  Fellow United Rocker brothers John Long and Craig Hart wanted to put together a band to play the European style of Psychobilly, which was pretty much unheard of in the U.S at the time with exception to a few bands.  John had played three chords since he was in grade school and Craig had been a bass tech for an upright bass player so over many beers and Jack and Cokes, they got to work learning and writing.  Mutual friend Josh Perkins, a third generation guitar luthier and virtuoso helped John and Craig hone things and even played a couple of the earliest gigs.  Another friend Paul Perez sat in on drums and songs could now be played.  John’s roommate JJ Nichols (brother of Eddie Nichols of Royal Crown Revue), took on the vocals.  Wrecking Ball was the name that was settled on and several gigs were performed throughout 1994 including The Monsters of Pomp festival.  After discovering that another band in Chicago was using the same band name and had released an album, the boys decided to take the band apart or do something completely different…

  Hayride to Hell played many gigs and festivals into the new millennium with high points being The Mile High Mayhem festival in Denver, the 1st NY Big Rumble festival and an invite to play the 11th (and last) Big Rumble festival in Great Yarmouth, England.  Along the way, the band released their first self-titled album on U.K. label Nervous Records late in 1997.

        The new Millennium brought some changes.  Bill moved to Texas for greener pastures but the band still got together for festivals and a gig here and there.  The nutters had lived in neighboring counties before, but now a member was states away making it harder to get together.  Craig also decided later to move to the mountains for higher ground.  This appeared to be the end of Hayride to Hell…

        But, John and Joey weren’t ready to throw in the towel just yet.  Early in 2002, they discussed ways to continue.  First it was always a consensus that if Bill couldn’t play in Hayride to Hell, then Hayride to Hell wouldn't replace him.  Also, since John had shared the vocals in the past and Craig couldn’t be with the band, John would take over all of the vocals.  All that was needed was a bass player that could at least try to fill the shoes of Craig.  Rob Mellberg formerly of The Kingpins and Chicken Coupe deVille is an incredible upright bass player and is amazing to watch.  Besides, he was the guy that Craig was a bass tech for years back.

        After lots of sweat, blood, beers and whiskey, John, Rob and Joey perfected the newer Hayride to Hell sound to be extremely powerful, even as a trio.  The boys played their re-debut gig at The LA Wreckers Ball..  Some more festivals along the way included the American Nightmare as well as the LA Wreckers Ball II.  In 2005, Hayride to Hell's second album  “…and back” was released on the Psychobilly* US label and the band was once again the road.

        With Rob no longer on bass, John and Joey drafted longtime friend Mal Wrekker for the slap bass.   Mal has played with Wreckdefy and the Slanderin' as well as filled in with the Meteors on a tour and fit right in.   It didn't take long for Mal to decide to move up to Nor Cal.  Hayride to Hell has always been a band of brothers.

        Towards the end of the decade, Craig moved back to Santa Cruz and joined the boys on vocals again from time to time.  Craig rarely has the time these days but John, Mal and Joey carry on.

The boys also have accumulated a lot of new material they hope to begin recording again in their new studio soon. The band has truly been on a Hayride to Hell and back and is making their way around the world again.   They've been wrecking for 17 sick years and have no signs of letting up...

Cory Sklar
-from SF/LA, CA

-Chaki is a funky alien wizard from Outer Space hailing from the planet Chaka 12. With his unique take on electro punk bass thump, he has brought his weird ass stage show to festivals like Noise Pop and has opened up for like minded weirdos Peelander Z, Bob Log III, Metalachi, Captured By Robots and The Oingo Boingo Dance Party. Rolling Stone said he is like Prince except not sexy and much fatter.