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Sunday June 24 2018
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$10 in advance / $12 at the door
Yung Heazy
 Dream Pop
Lofi Legs
 Jangle Pop Garage Rock
bedroom dream pop chill disco

Yung Heazy
-from Vancouver, BC
-Yung Heazy, real name Jordan Heaney, is a 22-year-old Dream Pop artist based in Vancouver, BC. His track “Cuz You’re My Girl” is the most popular song on dream/Lo-Fi pop channel alona chemerys at nearly two million plays. While his music is not the most conventionally arranged, it’s nonetheless extremely catchy. In addition to his solo project, Heaney is the frontman of a four-piece progressive rock band frogpile.

Lofi Legs
Paris Cox-Farr & Maria Donjacour
-from San Francisco, CA

-Lofi Legs Is a Jangle Pop Garage Rock Band.
Started by Paris Cox-Farr, while eating acid on the ancient indian bureil ground (Aroyo Seco).
Lofi Legs has bloomed into a three piece rock trio with Maria Donjacour on drums, Shane Hunt-Dusse on bass and, Paris Cox-Farr on lead guitar vocals.

Marika Stuurman // Vocals, Guitar
Fabrizio Incerti // Vocals, Guitar
Narsai Malik // Drums, Life Coach
Lucas Fendert // Bass
-from San Francisco, CA

-Dream Haste
noun: dream-haste; plural noun: dream-hastes
1. The final stage of the REM cycle, bridging consciousness and the series of thoughts, images, and sensations occurring in a person's mind during sleep.

This EP is our 4 way baby.