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Wednesday June 27 2018
 8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
Kamikaze Palm Tree
 drone noise rock psychedelic
Sam Flax
 art rock noise pop

Kamikaze Palm Tree
Cole Berliner and Dylan Hadley
-from San Francisco, CA

-Kamikaze Palm Tree is an experimental rock duo originating in San Francisco, California. They explore many different musical styles and have sounds anywhere from slow psychedelic noise, surf rock, to loud embracive rock. Kamikaze's high energy music lends the ability to have bombastic and theatrical performances, involving wearing masks and audience participation.

Daniel Trudeau + Brynley Stoner.
-from Sacramento, CA

-Pregnant is the continued efforts of Daniel Trudeau and Brynley Stoner to make music more interesting.

Sam Flax
-from California
-SAM FLAX is a California artist and multi-instrumentalist.

After the release of his sold out debut album on cassette, Burger Records is pleased to release ‘AGE WAVES’, the debut album from SAM FLAX.

Rarely do debut albums come as confident and fully formed as this: expertly melding garage pop, new wave, 60’s psychedelia and 70’s FM rock into a kaleidoscopic and highly idiosyncratic vision of dub-infused pop.

Drawn by a fascination of pop culture coupled with the experimental and esoteric, the tracks explore outsider themes of the blurring line between high and low culture, pop and avant-garde, reclusiveness and exuberance, while never losing sight of the off-kilter hooks and instantly grabbing riffs that anchor them.

‘AGE WAVES’ is a celebration of pop eccentricity at it’s most exuberant, the work of a freshly arrived musical maverick charging straight out of the gate.