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Sunday July 15 2018
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
$10 in advance / $13 at the door
Big Ups
 punk nerdcore
 alternative rock punk
Void Boys
 pop punk

Big Ups
Brendan Finn, Joe Galarraga,
Amar Lal, Carlos Salguero
-from New York, NY

-Last month, post-hardcore four-piece Big Ups released the first preview of their forthcoming record, Two Parts Together, and today they’re back with a new single and video. No one does cathartic quite like Big Ups; their tension-filled songs tend to build menacingly until they combust into razor-sharp riffs and erratic vocals, and this new song, “Fear,” is no exception.

The accompanying video, made up of YouTube and tour clips pieced together by drummer Brendan Finn, is a montage of Big Ups shows dating as early as 2010. The nostalgic look back seems appropriate, considering that Two Parts Together explores liminality and the anxiety that accompanies the unknown. The video fades out over an ominous stretch of darkened highway while Joe Galarraga sings: “There is much to fear in the morning as the sky reflects the color of newsprint/ There is much to fear in the morning, much to fear at night.”

That being said, the video will make you want to dance (read: thrash around) in a sweaty basement somewhere and forget about life’s uncertainties for a moment. Here’s what Galarraga has to say about “Fear”:

    A lot of this album focuses on liminality and takes place in liminal spaces. “Fear” talks about the unknown and turns it into anxiety – dealing with uncertainties before going to sleep and the difficulty of navigating a new day when confronted with the harshness of reality. This was an interesting song to write because the second verse mirrors the first in such a way that attempts to make the anxieties of the morning and night indistinguishable. The video for ‘Fear’ was pieced together by Brendan using clips he found on YouTube, as well as videos that all of us have taken of our shows and tours over the years. Some of the video dates back as early as 2010; there is footage from our very first show included! It was a fun way to catalog and highlight some of our favorite shows, venues, tours, videographers, and memories, and we hope others can enjoy it, too.

-from San Francicsco, CA

-On their debut full-length Uncontrollable Salvation, San Francisco four-piece Pardoner play noisy, spiraling, dare-you-to-like-it pummeling guitar rock in the style of ‘90s luminaries such as Polvo, Dinosaur Jr., Unwound, and the Swirlies. With jokes. Though their influences are squarely fixed at the more studious end of the indie rock spectrum, spend five minutes with them and you’ll find that Pardoner—comprised of guitarists/vocalists Max Freeland and Trey Flanigan, bassist William Mervau, and drummer River van den Berghe—aren’t math nerds as much as class clowns who, they admit, “goof around the majority of the time.”

“Obviously we’re friends so we have serious life conversations,” says Mervau. “But we will literally spend hours talking about nothing.”
This easy, funny camaraderie is apparent in the music they make together as Pardoner.

Void Boys
::Shannon Bodrog::Gio Alonzi
::Jian Giannini::Joe Putnam::
-from San Francisco, CA

-Loud, Spacious, Pretty and Gritty.
"...terrible to the point of being indiscernible as music....but has for sure crossed over the crucial threshold from bad-bad to good-bad" - Uptown Almanac