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Saturday August 4 2018
  7:30PM doors -- music at 8:00PM
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
 Noise Pop presents...
football, etc.
 punk alternative emo
Long Knives
Club Night
 Experimental Rock

football, etc.
Lindsay Minton
Mercy Harper
Daniel Hawkins
-from Houston/Austin, TX

-Being shy and playing loud.

shannon - guitar, vocals
jacob- guitar
allison - bass
elijah - drums, backup vocals
-from San Jose, CA

-"Longstanding members of San Jose's diverse and passionate DIY scene, awakebutstillinbed scream out for connection, meaning, and an honest answer to the question of who we are. Led by singer/guitarist Shannon Taylor, absib painfully, purposefully tear out the false seams and sutures that shape us in the eyes of others, revealing the beautiful, beating heart if whatever it is we call the self. Part At the Drive-In, part Kim Shattuck, absib are entirely their own."

Long Knives
Kris Moya - Guitar/Vocals
Robert Herrera - Bass
Connor Koreski - Drums
-from Oakland/San Francisco, CA

-Kris, Robert, & Connor are out to play some heartfelt, meaningful-music for interested ears.
You never get a second chance to make a first impression, but Oakland, California's Long Knives don't need it- they nailed it the first time. Their debut EP "This is Your Life" showcase the band's strengths: upbeat, catchy indie/punk with strong dual vocals that will keep you coming back again and again. The start of something big. Take a listen if you please.

Club Night
Josh Bertram, Rebecca Lukens,
Ian Tatum, Josiah Majetich, Devin Trainer
-from Oakland, CA

-Club Night has been a project about coming together. Whether at the shows of each other's bands or biking around with backpacks full of cheap beer, Club Night is the logical conclusion of the Oakland DIY scene to which its members belong. Each member of Club Night brings to the band their own diverse set of musical experiences. So when Josh Bertram brought together the members of Club Night in a room to see what would happen, music quickly exploded from this convergence of musical influences and styles. Rather than producing a disjointed tug-o-war of tastes, Club Night gets it strength from the cooperation and passion of its members to create an homage to the people who have nurtured them, and an abandoning of coloring within the lines.

On their upcoming release, Hell Ya, Club Night balances frenetic riffs and soaring musical moments. Punchy rhythms, pop-oriented synths, and guitars which teeter between technical and noisy are the backdrop against which singer, Bertram, conjures up an emotive and dynamic vocal performance. In many ways Club Night’s sound is a mosaic of it’s member’s past and present projects which include Meat Market, Lofter, Our Brother the Native, CARE, Twin Steps, Pinkslime, Radiator Hospital, and UNITY.