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Thursday September 13 2018
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
•••  21 AND OVER
Season Of The Crow
 Modern Progressive Rock
  noise rock post-punk
 metal progressive rock

Season Of The Crow
Riki Carignan, Kapil Krishnamurthy,
Juha Merimaa, Gavin Carignan
-from San Francisco, CA

-Season  of  the  Crow  was  formed  in  San  Francisco  in  2012  by  musicians  originally  from  the  United  States,  Israel,  India,  and  Finland.    With  a  combination  of  diverse  musical  experience  and  eclectic  listening  habits  that  span  a  wide  range  of  cultures,  Season  of  the  Crow  has  created  a  rock  and  metal  sound  that  captivates  the  listener  with  its  depth  and  expressiveness.The  band’s  debut  album,  Let  it  Fly,  was  released  on  May  8,  2018,  and  is  currently  being  featured  on  Rock  and  Metal  New  Release  pages  on  Apple  Music.    Recent  radio  plays  include  Rock  Live  Radio  in  Germany,  and  Raven  Radio  in  the  Netherlands.    Intricate  harmonies  and  rhythms  as  well  as  inspired  and  thought-provoking  lyrics  take  the  listener  on  an  extraordinary  journey  through  each  epic  song.    The  album  features  renowned  bassist  Mike  LePond  of  Symphony  X,  was  mixed  by  David  Castillo  and  mastered  by  Jens  Bogren  at  the  legendary  Fascination  Street  Studios  in  Sweden.A  progressive  hard  rock  band  with  metal  tendencies,  Season  of  the  Crow’s  influences  include:  Porcupine  Tree,  Opeth,  The  Mars  Volta,  Tool,  and  Dream  Theater.    Fans  are  reacting  with  enthusiasm  as  they  discover  the  fresh  voice  of  this  emerging  band.

Vocals, Guitar: Eve
Drums: Ronnie
Bass: Malcolm
-from Richmond, VA

-Sistersound was born in 1992, when singer-songwriter Eve began writing music on his first guitar, a Stratocaster knock-off that he bought from a college friend for $50, and recording on a 4-track cassette recorder. Over the decades, the band has featured a slew of talented accompanying musicians on bass guitar and drums, including (in order of appearance): David Garrett, Michael Lujan, Jeff McElroy, Robbie, Pete Grothey, Ian Kruske, Chris Gallo, Sean Mou-Keefe, Attiss Ngo, Ronnie Matatquin, and Malcolm Posey. Sistersound, in its various incarnations, has subsequently recorded several albums-worth of material, which has remained in relative obscurity, only known to fellow musician, friends, and fans who have given crucial support to Eve and members of Sistersound for over 20 years.

Eve continues to write and record music, with intentions to master and release the recordings; evidence of the craft and hard work that’s been poured lovingly into the project by all the members of Sistersound.

-from Concord, CA
There is a reason why we, the authors at Lady Obscure, invest our time and passion in rescuing bands from the dark. Back in the day, when the Lady herself founded this webzine, she meant to create a special place where you could come to find your next favorite band, talented artists we were just dying to show you… Obscure artists indeed, yet often owners of much more talent and virtuosity than some notorious few. Arkaen it’s a perfect example of what I’m talking about. This band reminds me once again why I began to write reviews in the first place. Their demo, which includes only 4 tracks, has captivated me deeply. And I can’t help but crave for more.

I mean, don’t you just love when you come across a band and album you know squat of, and by the first minute of the first song you’re hooked and turned already into a die-hard fan of them? That’s my kind of love at first sight, guys. Coming from the bay area as our fellow author RJ Dunn (Who actually introduced me to the band) , Arkaen has delivered us a short yet neat tracklist. The band formed by singer Oriol (Uri) Nieto, bassist Eli Remas, drummer Sean Henson, and guitarists Joey Nunez and Garey Rickher; have achieved to bring up a top notch set, genuinely progressive all around, with some notorious heavy influences, and totally charged with emotion.