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Thursday September 27 2018
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
$12 in advance / $14 at the door
Mimicking Birds
  from Portland, OR
 Indie folk rock
Credit Electric
 slow-core indie roots rock
Michael Michael Motorcycle

Mimicking Birds
Nate Lacy, Aaron Hanson, Adam Trachsel
-from Portland, OR

-Mimicking Birds' Nate Lacy writes songs that creep and unsettle without sacrificing an iota of beauty. "Bloodlines," from 2014, was perhaps that year's best song: an endlessly replayable earworm that never lost its lithe sense of mystery. But aside from a terrific one-off single back in 2015 — and the occasional tour with its longtime friends and collaborators in Modest Mouse — the band has stayed pretty quiet since then.

But on Jan. 26, Mimicking Birds will return with Layers of Us, a third album that loses none of the group's sinister charm. "Sunlight Daze," its first single, is another stunner, as Lacy unleashes a spaced-out missive about getting lost in the cosmos: "There's a lone, sun-bleached highway that inches along between byways," he sings, adding, "Unilluminated, we have no way of knowing what way's which way." It may well be the sexiest song ever to contain the word "ionosphere," though The B-52's might have something to say about that.

"'Sunlight Daze started out as a tiny two-bar loop created on a phone, mainly just the first line of the song," Lacy writes via email. "I always felt as though the progression and melody had a sun-stoned, traveling feel to it — which translated literally through that lyric. We layered a wall of keyboards against a kind of Latin drum and bass feel that propels itself into outer space, and crashes back to Earth.

"This song, and the bulk of 'Layers of Us,' has been powerfully shaped by our travels as a band, and just as much rhythmically, melodically and tonally as it has lyrically. On tour, time seems to stand still — in the songs we play again and again, in the geography we speed past, and in the deep connection that has evolved in sharing this experience together. Although in the same moment it is obvious that time has moved, change is always occurring, new layers are actively accumulating, and our individual awareness of it all is very brief."

Credit Electric
Ryan LoPilato - voice / guitar
Cameron Iturri-Carpenter - guitar
Evan Hiller - pedal steel
Nathan Smith - bass
Stephen Boyd - drums
-from Bay Area, CA

-To credit electric is to credit the electricity existing inter-connectively between every person and every aspect of life. In being humble and longing for time to spend with the ones we love we find the soundtrack of Credit Electric. Taking elements of early soul and gospel music with combing country pedal steel the band find its voice in a veil of syrupy slow-core indie roots rock.

Michael Michael Motorcycle
Michael Pannone - Guitar, Vocals
Susie Chinisci - Bass, Vocals
Bennett Schatz - Sax, Bass
Tyler Johnson - Drums, Keys
Adam Abeyta - Guitar, Vocals
Jesse Cobb - Guitar
-from San Francisco, CA

-We’ve got the perfect jam for your weird long weekend / short week! Michael Michael Motercycle‘s “Just Don’t Mean a Thing” has an earnestness that makes you smile and an almost dated sound that really works? I think it’s the saxophones.

Either way, it’s a fun as hell track that will make you feel good even if you’re stuck in an overly air conditioned office while some of your friends are off day drinking! Press play and get ready to sing along.