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Thursday November 15 2018
  8:30PM doors -- music at 9:00PM
The Total Bettys
  (Album release)
 pop punk
see night
  (EP release)
 psychedelic shoegaze-y pop
Like Roses
 Emo Alternative Rock

The Total Bettys
Maggie (she/her), Reese (they/them),
Chloé (she/her), Kayla (she/her)
-from San Francisco, CA

-The Total Bettys are a pop punk band from San Francisco. Maggie, Bri, Anthony and Chris started writing together in 2015, and they instantly became best buds.. Their debut EP Connect with the Couch features fun, upbeat pop punk energy with witty, self-deprecating lyrics.

see night
Linda, Cory, Patrick, Jeff
-from San Francisco, CA

-see night is a San Francisco indie rock 4-piece whose dynamic live show alternates between hard-driving and dreamy. With singer/songwriter Linda Sao, drummer Cory Aboud, guitarist Patrick Andrews, and double bassist Jeff Kissell, the band continues to build on the foundation of catharsis of its self-released debut, WHERE ARE YOU, with more psych and shoegaze elements layering bowed strings and haunting vocals. see night has opened for Bonnie Prince Billy, Rogue Wave, John Vanderslice, Widowspeak, Quilt, Jenn Champion, Lady Lamb, The Pack AD and more, and has an upcoming 2018 sophomore release.

Like Roses
Amy Schmalkuche, Devin Zamora,
Mark Kovalcek, Aaron Seminoff
-from Berkeley, CA

-people w/ instruments who yell about being sad over the noise created by said instruments.