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Saturday December 1 2018
  8:00PM doors -- music at 8:30PM
Spendtime Palace
 psychedelic rock, surf,       -----Locus Pocus is off the bill
Bear Call
 garage-soul doo wop
Brazen Youth
 ambient indie folk rock

Spendtime Palace
Sean Flores, Dan Fowlie, Elijah Chavis,
Michael McClanahan, Brandon Knickerbocker
-from Costa Mesa, CA

-Spendtime Palace is not your average, generic surf-rock band. The quintet from Costa Mesa, California started as a fun party trick and now have themselves featured in GQ and Billboard. They're also taking the indie scene by storm and gaining a larger fanbase with each and every unforgettable show. The hype is there, and it's well deserved. With a beautiful blend of hazy psychedelic rock, surf, and punk sounds, Spendtime Palace's growing discography is sure to win over your heart - and your headphones. Last July, they released the music video for their song, Sonora, directed by Finn Wolfhard.

-Fluorescent Magazine

Spendtime's 2nd LP "All Inclusive Romantic Getaway" produced by Kyle Mullarky in Topanga Canyon to be released November 2018. Find us on all music streaming and download sites.

Bear Call
Skyler Warren
Nikk Moreno
Aaron Mortemore
Shahan Salim
-from San Francisco, CA

-Fuzzy, reverb drenched guitars? Check. Driving, heavy bass? Check. Loud, hard hitting drums? Check. Lyrics about love, frustration, and pissing yourself in a one night stand's bed? Check. Drawing influence from San Francisco garage rock heroes like Thee Oh Sees and Ty Segall, Bear Call is searching for a way to stay 20-something forever while evading all responsibility and forever chasing an excuse to wake up hungover. You are all welcome along for the ride, especially you, Mom.

With a skewed sense of romanticism, love for cheap alcohol (only because it is all he can afford) and a fear of wasting youth, Skyler Warren started Bear Call alone in his bedroom in late 2011. Three years and a number of broken hearts later, something resembling a real band was formed with the addition of Nikk Moreno on bass and Eric “Moose Knucks” Mohammed on drums.

Brazen Youth
Nicholas Lussier, Charles Dahlke, & Micah Rubin
-from Lyme, CT

Nicholas Lussier and Charles Dahlke formed the Brazen Youth within the otherworldly vacuum of the 300-year-old Ashlawn Farm, located in Lyme, Connecticut. Timeless and freeing, Ashlawn served as a perfect birthplace of the Brazen Youth’s 2016 debut, The Ever Dying Bristlecone Man. A heavily conceptual record, Ever Dying is a world with endless nooks in which you can lose yourself, containing meticulous threads of layered tracks and arrangements that shift within songs like tectonic plates, all within an organic and atmospheric gloss of emotionally riveting, lyric-driven songs. Upon adding Micah Rubin to the band’s lineup in 2017, the Brazen Youth emerged with a wild-spirited presence into the East Coast scene, soon gaining an empowered and fresh fan base. The Brazen Youth is currently diving into a new, primitive mind-frame for their next record, to be released this August.